Wells Fargo – Watch Out!

Now-Again | Jul. 10, 2016 | Catalog |

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1. Coming Home
2. Watch Out
3. Love Of My Life
4. The Crowd
5. Bump Bump Babe
6. Love Is The In Thing
7. Open The Door
8. Shades Of Wells Fargo
9. Bwanawe
10. Too Long Away
11. Carrying On

Recording Information/Personnel:

All songs written by Ebba Chitambo and Wells Fargo. Produced by Crispen Matema. Recorded at Teal Studios, Salisbury, Rhodesia circa 1976 by unknown engineer(s), possibly including Hilton Mambo. Personnel: Ebba Chitambo (Drums, Lead Vocals), George Phiri (Lead Guitar), Handsome Mabhiza (Rhythm Guitar), Never Mpofu (Bass).

Originally released circa 1976 on various Afro Soul singles.

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt and Matthew Shechmeister
Associate production by Albert Nyathi.
Liner notes by Matthew Shechmeister.

Restoration and remastering by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles, with transfers in Zimbabwe done by Matthew Shechmeister.
Art direction by Errol Richardson for Busy Monster.

LP, Hardcover book with CD. NA 5138.

Isaac Hayes – Do Your Thing

Now-Again | Jun. 29, 2016 | Catalog |

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LP tracklist:

A1. Do Your Thing Pt. 1 22.07
B1. Do Your Thing Pt. 2 * 10.58
B2. Do Your Thing (Rhythm Section Mix) * 11.27

*Previously unreleased.

Original sessions produced by Isaac Hayes
This version produced for reissue by Eothen Alapatt with thanks to Ryan Wilson.
Liner notes by Bill Dahl.

Mixed and mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.

Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

Original 19-minute 38-second version released July 1971 as part of the Shaft LP, Enterprise ENS 2-5002

Recorded in early 1971 at Stax Recording Studio, Memphis, Tennessee by William Brown, Henry Bush, Bobby Manuel and Dave Purple.

Personnel: Isaac Hayes (vocals, piano); Lester Snell (electric piano); James Alexander (bass); Michael Toles (lead guitar); Charles Pitts (rhythm guitar); Willie Hall (drums); Gary Jones (bongos, congas).

LP. NA 5144.

Johnny – Only Love, Ago, I’m Gone

Now-Again | Jun. 10, 2016 | Catalog |

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NA 7036:

Only Love
Only Love (Inst.)

NA 7037:
Ago (Inst.)

NA 7038:

I’m Gone
I’m Gone (Inst.)

Produced by: Karl Hector
Executive Producer: JJ Whitefield

7″. 2016. NA7036-8.

Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope

Now-Again | May. 5, 2016 | Catalog |

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LP tracklist:

Hang Out
PS Come Back
A Hole In My Life
Let Me Try
I Think It’s All Right
Once Upon A Time There Was A World
A New Man
I’m Crazy
I’m Here, He’s Gone, She’s Cryin’

Original sessions produced by Kaleidoscope. Originally produced for issue by Edgar Zamudio

Originally issued on Orfeon Mexico LP-12-666.

Licensed courtesy Francisco Tirado. All songs written by Francisco Tirado, except “Hang Out,” “A Hole In My Life,” “I’m Crazy” written by Orlando Vázquez and “I’m Here, He’s Gone, She’s Cryin’ written by Adib Casta.
This reissue produced by Eothen Alapatt.
Liner notes by Enrique Rivas Viniegra..
Remastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.
All photos courtesy Francisco Tirado.
Special thanks to Thomas Hartlage and Shadoks Music.

Recorded January 1968 at Fabiola Studio in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, by Fabio Inoa.
Personnel: Francisco “Frank” Tirado (Bass, Vocals on “Colours,” “Please Come Back,” “Let Me Try,” “I Think It’s Allright,” “Once Upon a Time There Was A World”); Orlando “Orly” Vázquez (Guitar, Bass, Vocals on “Hang Out,” “A Hole In My Life,” “I´m Crazy”); Julio Arturo Fernández (Organ); Rafael Cruz (Drums); Pedrín García (Guitar), Adib Casta (Guitar, Vocals on “I´m Here, He´s Gone, She´s Cryin’” ).

LP, CD. NA 5145.

Maker – Maker Vs. Now-Again 3

Now-Again | Apr. 20, 2016 | Catalog |

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Produced and Recorded by Maker at West Of The Flag, Chicago, IL.


A New Breed
King Fortune
Good Woman
Savage Fuzz
Love Is Moving
Gangster World
Life Lesson
Burning On
Dead or Alive
Circle of Success
Hot Box

NAML 008 CD 2016

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