Fabiano do Nascimento – Danca dos Tempos

Now-Again | Oct. 24, 2014 | Catalog |

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Produced and mixed by Luther Russell
Arranged by Fabiano Do Nascimento
Executive produced by Eothen Alapatt
Recorded at Electrosound,LA,CA on 12/10/13, 12/11/13 and 07/09/14 by Jason Hiller
Mastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, LA, CA.
Art direction by Errol Richardson

Fabiano Do Nascimento – Seven String Guitar, Vocals
Airto Moreira – Percussion (on tracks 2, 5, 7)
Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas – Drums (on tracks 1, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Kana Shimanuki – Vocals (on tracks 2, 7)


01. Forro Brasil (Hermeto Pascoal)
02. Ewe (Folkloric )
03. O Ovo (Hermeto Pascoal)
04. Canto de Iemanjá (Baden Powell, Vinicius de Moraes)
05. Primeira Estrella (Folkloric)
06. Etude (H. Villa-Lobos)
07. Minha Ciranda (Folkloric)
08. Nana (Folkloric)
09. Tocatta Em Ritmo De Samba (Radamés Gnatalli)
10. Se Ela Preguntar (Dilermando Reis)
11. Tupí (Fabiano do Nascimento )

LP, CD and Digital. 2015. NA5121

Various – Now-Again 7″ Sure Shots Round One

Now-Again | Sep. 9, 2014 | Catalog |

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Richard Marks “I’m The Man For You”
Buddy Cantrell “You Ain’t No Good”
Stars of Liberty “Power To The People”
Eye Q “I Am Selfish”
Chissy Zebby Tembo “I’m Not Made Of Iron
Chrissy Zebby Tembo “Fisherman”
Split Decision Band “Watching Out (45 Version)
Split Decision Band “Watching Out (Alternate Take)”

Produced for reissue by Eothen Alapatt
Restoration and remastering by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters, Los Angeles.
Art direction by Errol F. Richardson.

7″ Single(s). 2014. NA 7027, 7028, 7034, 7035

Heliocentrics & Melvin Van Peebles – The Last Transmission

Now-Again | Jun. 7, 2014 | Catalog | ,

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Chapter 1 – Prologue 3.32
Chapter 2 – Big Bang Reincarnation 3.03
Chapter 3 – Searching For Signs Of Life 1.40
Chapter 4 – Blue Mist 1.53
Chapter 5 –The Cavern 3.43
Chapter 6 – Transformation (Pt. 1) 3.10
Chapter 7 – Transformation (Pt. 2) 2.12
Chapter 8 – Telepathic Routine 3.11
Chapter 9 – The Dance 3.59
Chapter 10 – Trust The Cosmos (Believe In The Universe) 3.47
Chatper 11 – Infinite List (Toss The Dice) 4.09
Chapter 12 – Epilogue 2.09

Music recorded, mixed and produced at Quatermass Sound Lab, London by Malcolm Catto and Jake Ferguson. Vocals recorded and mixed by Spaceman Patterson at Spaceman’s Studio, New York.
Executive Produced by Eothen Alapatt.
Music composed, arranged and performed by The Heliocentrics;
Lyrics composed and performed by Melvin Van Peebles.
Mastered by Guy Davie at Electric Mastering, London. Art direction by Errol Richardson. Photos by Eric Coleman.

All music arranged and performed by The Heliocentrics:
Malcolm Catto – Drums, Marimbula, Percussion, Additional Guitar and Piano
Jake Ferguson – Bass, Begena, Additional Guitar, Vibes and Piano
Jack Yglesias – Percussion, Kalimba, Flutes, Homemade Instruments and String Arrangements on “Collateral Damage”
Ade Owusu – Guitar, Thai Guitar, Effected Santur, Feedback and Koto
Ollie Parfitt – Piano, Keys and Electronic Effects
Tom Hodges – Electronica
Mike Burnham – Ring Mod Guitar on “Wrecking Ball”
Shabaka Hutchings – Bass Clarinet
Danny Keane – Cello
Raven – Violin

W/ Melvin Van Peebles – Vocals.

CD, LP, Deluxe LP and Digital. 2014. NA 5118 (Deluxe LP NA 4118).

Ngozi Family – Day of Judgement

Now-Again | Mar. 6, 2014 | Catalog |

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This compilation produced, with liner notes, by Eothen “Egon” Alapatt.
Original sessions produced by Paul Ngozi Edward Khuzwayo, with production arrangements by Billie David Nyati and assistance by Rikki Ililonga.
Mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.



1. Day Of Judgement
2. Hi Babe
3. I Wanna Know
4. Kumanda Kwa Bambo Wanga
5. Tikondane
6. Bwanawe
7. Let Me Know
8. We Wonna Give It To Her
9. I’m On My Way
10. She Looks So Crazy
11. Sunka Mulamu
12. We Were Not Told
13. I’ve Been Looking For You


1. Day of Judgement
2. Hi Babe
3. I Wanna Know
4. Kumanda Kwa Bambo Wanga

1. Tikondane
2. Bwanawe
3. Let Me Know
4. We Wonna Give It To Her
5. I’m On My Way

C (Bonus – Deluxe LP only)
1. She Looks So Crazy
2. Sunka Mulamu

D (Bonus – Deluxe LP only)
1. We Were Not Told
2. I’ve Been Looking For You

LP, CD and Digital. 2014. NA5115 (Deluxe LP NA 4115)

Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Unstraight Ahead

Now-Again | Feb. 17, 2014 | Catalog |

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Produced, mixed and engineered by JJ Whitefield, Zdenko Curulija & Bo Baral
Executive Producer: JJ Whitefield
Mastered by Dave Cooley for Elysian Masters.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.


1. Introduction (J. Whitefield/B. Baral/M. Burchard)
2. Push Na Ya (J. Whitefield/Z. Curulija/T. Myland/C. Tolno)
3. El Gusto (Z. Curulija)
4. Transition >S< (J. Whitefield) 5. Karadeniz (Trad.) 6. The Spirit Of Gine (Z. Curulija) 7. Transition >T< (J. Whitefield/Z. Curulija) 8. Girma´s Lament (J. Whitefield) 9. Sharpville Massacre (B. Baral) 10. Semai Thaqil (Trad.) 11. Jo Nibunga (Z. Curulija/J. Whitefield) 12. Omebele (Makossa) (Victor Olaiya) 13. M´Hammad (Slow) (T. Myland) 14. Transition >A< (J. Whitefield) 15. Who´s Foolin´ Who? (J. Whitefield) 16. Transition >C< (J. Whitefield/Z. Curulija/B. Baral) 17. Hymnin5 (J. Whitefield) 18. Bring It On Down (B. Baral) 19. Mission Control (Z. Curulija) 20. Kaifa Pts. 1 & 2 (J. Whitefield) LP, CD and Digital. 2014. NA5114

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