Announcing: Fabiano do Nascimento “Dança dos Tempos”

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Fabiano do Nascimento’s debut album: folkloric Brasilian/Afro-Brasilian music taken into the future. Featuring Airto Moreira. Out now, download a free track below!

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Dança dos Tempos is the debut album from thrilling, young Brasilian guitarist Fabiano do Nascimento, and it features legendary percussionist Airto Moreira in his first album project in over ten years. Dança dos Tempos follows folkloric Brasilian music as experienced through the mind and able fingers of an expansive musician, not yet thirty years old, and combines the heady ‘60s and ‘70s experimentalism of Hermeto Pascoal and Baden Powell with the childlike elegance of music played and passed down by native Brasilians for generations. It is the second Brasilian album released on Now-Again, following Seu Jorge and Almaz.

Moreira, the bandleader, songwriter and producer who recorded a bevy of titles under his own name, with his wife Flora Purim, and whose resume contains the names of – seriously – every musician worth mentioning from America or Brasil from the past 50 years – plays percussion on the album and is joined by do Nascimento’s long time drummer, Ricardo “Tiki” Pasillas on trap drums. Do Nascimento and his girlfriend handle vocals on what is otherwise an airy instrumental album that allows the guitarist’s virtuosity to shine through originals, folkloric Brasilian songs, and select covers by the likes of Pascoal and Powell, both formative influences on the guitarist.

These duets show the camaraderie that two master Brasilian musicians – of two different generations, but of the same spirit – share with comrades of ages past as they imagine music for the years to come. These tracks were recorded live in the studio with no overdubs by producer Luther Russell and engineer Jason Hiller – straight to 2” analog-tape, and only sparingly mastered to focus on the subtleties of the performances.

Download: Fabiano do Nascimento “Forro Brasil”

Out Now – Now-Again 7″ Sure Shots, Exclusive Bundle Available

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The bundle is SOLD OUT at our webstore at, but copies are still available at key vinyl retailers the world over.

As we previously announced: series of four, limited edition 7”s ranging from Deep American Funk and Soul, Zimbabwean Fuzz Funk, Zambian Proto-Punk, and Rare Disco. 500 copies of each 7” produced: not to be repressed. Download card for entire series included with each 7”.

This series is now available to our subscribers at Now-Again Deluxe at and we offered an exclusive bundle of all four 7″s at a discounted price at our webstore at Though now sold out, we are already work on round two. More info to come soon.

Free download and streams of the a-side of each single below.

Download: Split Decision Band “Watching Out (45 Version)”

Announcing: The Now-Again Webstore At Rappcats

Now-Again | Nov. 30, 2014 | News |

Buy all new Now-Again releases and your old favorites in all formats at our new webstore at Rappcats.

The Now-Again webstore at

We’ve been telling you that we are going to be launching a webstore for the past, well, going on two years – and while some of y’all have probably noticed some of our releases going live at Rappcats this past six months it’s now official: our entire catalog, and every one of our new releases, is going to be available there, keeping company with releases from Madlib’s Madlib Invazion titles, the Pay Jay imprint run by the J.Dilla Estate and DOOM’s Metalface Records.

To say that we’re overjoyed is an understatement. Look out for special offers – including our 7″ Sureshots bundle, mentioned below, coming soon!

Out NOW: the lost James Brown/Bootsy Collins album “These Are The J.B.’s”

Now-Again | Nov. 28, 2014 | News |

Previously unreleased and unheard 1970 album by James Brown’s backing band the JB’s, led by Bootsy Collins. Out NOW. 
First edition limited to 3000 pieces – vinyl only.

More information at our webstore at!

In 1970 James Brown perfectly captured a definitive moment in modern music when he called Bootsy Collins into the studio to record the tracks that would be These Are The J.B.’s, a title given to a King Records test-press LP that was never released, and only rumored to exist.

This album is the epitome of funk music, Brown’s innovation that influenced everything that came after it, from Afro-beat to disco to hip-hop. And if there is any funk ensemble as influential as Brown’s in the post-“Cold Sweat” musical landscape, it’s the Bootsy Collins/Parliament/Funkadelic contingent. Those two streams, as Grammy-winning James Brown historian Alan Leeds details in this album’s liner notes, converged for the first time here, making this a Rosetta Stone of funk’s dominant idioms.

This link between Brown’s funk and all that followed features Bootsy and his young band running through twelve-minute instrumental take of Marva Whitney’s “It’s My Thing,” replete with blues chord changes, alongside interpretations of the Meters, Kool and the Gang and none other than Jimi Hendrix. This is a young band’s James Brown-turned-on-his-head style of funk that they nail in a one-minute vamp – available to hear now on our Soundcloud – that embodies the essence of the psychedelic-flavored music that would propel them into the orbit of George Clinton’s mothership.

This is the first commercial issue of this album, overseen by Now-Again’s Eothen “Egon” Alapatt alongside Leeds and Universal Music Group’s James Brown expert Harry Weinger. It was mastered specifically for vinyl by Elysian Master’s Dave Cooley, from the original two-track stereo master that James Brown and his engineer Ron Lenhoff delivered to production forty-four years ago. It’s packaged in a thick, “tip-on” Stoughton jacket, with a booklet with liner notes by Leeds and Alapatt and unpublished photographs.

NPR’s All Things Considered On “The Last Transmission: “welcome, and trippy…”

Now-Again | Nov. 18, 2014 | News | ,

NPR’s “All Things Considered” interviewed Melvin Van Peebles and the Heliocentrics’ Malcolm Catto about their The Last Transmission album. You can stream the story below.

An excerpt:

“The Heliocentrics supported Van Peebles’ distant love story with other-worldly sounds — a lot of oscillation and static, like distant radio signals that just don’t want to cooperate.

‘That’s basically our idea of what it must seem like by the time it reaches another intelligence far off into space somewhere,” Catto says. ‘What would it be like? This message? It’d start off and then slowly dissipate, dissipate until it’s light years away. And you just get all this radio chatter.’”

The Last Transmission is available for purchase at our webstore at

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