Out Now: Musi-O-Tunya “Give Love To Your Children” – Grab a Free mP3!

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Funk, Psych-Rock, and Fuzz-Guitar-lead Afrobeat from Zambia’s groundbreaking band. Contains extensive booklet with liner notes, an exclusive interview with drummer Brian Chengala and guitarists Rikki Ilionga and Wayne Barnes, photos and ephemera. Limited deluxe edition LP contains bonus disc with rare 7” tracks, never reissued on vinyl. Out now!

Finally! The legendary Zamrock band’s second album and rare 7” tracks presented a an album. We can only describe Give Love To Your Children as a medley of Funk, Psych-Rock, and Fuzz-Guitar-lead Afrobeat from this groundbreaking Zambian band. As you’ll read in our extensive booklet this album follows Now-Again’s first foray into the Zamrock genre, Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tuyna’s Dark Sunrise.

Dark Sunrise hadn’t even entered production when we became aware of Musi-O-Tunya’s post-Ililonga trajectory, and its uniqueness in the Zamrock landscape. It is the corollary to Ililonga’s story. And now, that story can be told, and the music can be heard, thanks to the participation of Ililonga, Chengala and Barnes, who color the creation and release of Give Love To Your Children. This album’s grooves hold the last, sustained shouts from one of the first Zamrock ensembles: Musi-O-Tunya exploded at the height of the Zamrock movement, scattering its members everywhere, with only this last, fiery artifact to remember them by.

Download a track from the album below.

Download: Musi-O-Tunya “When I’m Gone”
Buy: Musi-O-Tunya Give Love To Your Children on iTunes.
If you missed it: Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tunya Dark Sunrise.

Announcing: “J.Rocc Enjoyed The Experience” Deluxe Edition – and a free mp3!

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Out everywhere on 12,” as a deluxe package via Sinecure Books’ webstore, and digitally via Now-Again Deluxe. Download a free track below!

J.Rocc is the world-famous founder of Southern California’s legendary Beat Junkies DJ crew, DJ for the likes of the late J.Dilla, Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kweli) and Madlib, and, as his releases on Now-Again – from his Cold Heat EP to his Kashmere Stage Band remix – have made clear, one funky producer to boot.

Following in the lineage of his series of now-classic megamix 12-inches on both Now-Again and Stones Throw, J.Rocc now tackles the privately-pressed albums found within the oddities contained in Sinecure Books’ Enjoy The Experience book. As per normal, knocking drums, quirky samples and a master’s touch abound on all three selections on this hard-hitting, fast-paced EP.

We will be offering this EP shortly via Now-Again Deluxe at Drip.fm. Regular vinyl versions are in stores now. A deluxe version of this EP – limited to 100 pieces – is now available at Sinecure Books’ webstore: each of these 100 deluxe packages will come with a unique vanity LP from the 60s or 70s, and will be packaged in an oversized, resealable plastic jacket.

Download one track – “E.T.E. Pt. 4″ – below.

Download: J.Rocc “E.T.E. Pt. 4″
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If you missed it: Enjoy The Experience.

Stream: Egon’s San Francisco Boiler Room Set

Now-Again | Jan. 8, 2014 | News |

Above, stream Egon’s set from the Boiler Room party in San Francisco last October. Selections include sneak-peaks into what is to come on a few of our forthcoming anthologies and songs from Kaleidoscope, JA Ceasar, GAA, The Zipps, SRC, Paternoster and other obscure names. Like Donovan. Kidding. No, actually we’re not. Listen and learn.

Announcing: WITCH “Movin’ On/Kuomboka” – and a free mp3!

Now-Again | Dec. 17, 2013 | News |

The legendary Zambian band’s disco/boogie years, contains the entirety of their two rare albums: 1980-1984. Out now on Now-Again Deluxe, 2CD on 01.21.14.

Regular visitors to this site are no strangers to the Zamrock movement from Zambia’s early to mid ’70s, from issues of the likes of WITCH, Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tunya to our association with the Shadoks, Strawberry Rain and Mississipi Records reissues of Paul Ngozi and the Ngozi Family, Amanaz and Salty Dog.

Left out of our Zamrock investigation, for stylistic reasons as well as logistical concerns, were albums released after Zamrock’s heyday, when the music of ‘80s Zambia came to be influenced by disco and rhumba from neighboring Congo. Bands that didn’t adapt sounded outdated. Thus even Zamrock’s greatest band, WITCH, splintered, with a skeleton crew of core members embracing younger musicians to record and release two albums that found the band replacing fuzz guitars with whirling synthesizers and trying their hand at soul, disco and boogie.

The band privately issued two albums – Movin’ On in 1980, Kuomboka in 1984 – in small quantities before a dearth of gigs and the large ensemble’s overhead caused them to disband, sometime in 1985. Though but a decade separated the first and last WITCH albums, the recording capabilities of most nations in sub-Saharan Africa by 1984 had caught up with the rest of the world. Finally, fans of the WITCH’s arch can listen to, and acknowledge, the breadth of this great band and assess for themselves the recordings of both of WITCH’s incarnations.

We’re currently offering “Movin’ On” via Now-Again Deluxe at Drip.fm – “Kuomboka” will follow shortly. A 2CD set will see release on 01.21.14. Limited vinyl editions of both albums will soon be available through Invisible City Editions. Free download below!

Download: WITCH “Movin’ On”
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If you missed it: WITCH We Intend To Cause Havoc!.

Out Now: Heliocentrics “Quatermass Sessions 1″ EP – Grab a free mp3 here!

Now-Again | Dec. 13, 2013 | News |

Heliocentrics Quatermass Sessions 1 EP available NOW via Now-Again Deluxe and on vinyl. Stream the EP at Soundcloud and download a free MP3 here!

Returning after their 13 Degrees of Reality album with a full on volley of psychedelic-funk songs first heard on Gaslamp Killer’s HELIO X GLK EP, the Heliocentrics offer nine tracks that Rolling Stone describe as “…sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.” We couldn’t have said it better. This is the kind of EP that you would happily welcome as an album – and, you know what, in the future you might: as the title hints, this is probably only the beginning of The Heliocentrics’ excavations into the sonic experiments they entered into for years at their recently vacated Quatermass Studios.

We’re currently streaming the entire EP on our Soundcloud and, if that’s not enough, you can grab an MP3 download below – the Jeremy Steig inspired “The Five Thing.”

Download: “The Five Thing”
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If you missed it: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Itunes.

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