Announcing: Amanaz “Africa” Record Store Day 2015 Release

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The Zamrock masterpiece’s definitive reissue. 2 LP, 2 CD set with both issued mixes of the album, extensive booklet. Official Record Store Day release – out now!

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Issued in 1975, this is the articulation of Zambia’s Zamrock ethos. While other albums – Rikki Ililonga’s Zambia, WITCH’s Lazy Bones!! – are competitors, it’s hard to best this album as it covers each major quadrant of the Zamrock whole: it came from the mines; its musicians were anti-colonial freedom fighters, it envelops Zambian folk music traditions, and it rocks – hard.

Africa was issued in two separate mixes and two separate presses in 1975: one version is dry, with the vocals and drums mixed loud, the other slathered in reverb, with the vocals and drums disappearing into the mix, and with the guitar solos mixed much louder. Africa’s master tapes are long lost, but we have restored both versions in new transfers from the absolute cleanest copies of this incredibly rare album and presented them both in a 2 LP/ 2 CD set. Also included in both formats: an extensive booklet containing an essay on the album and detailing the history of the Zamrock scene and this album, with notes from Amanaz’s Isaac Mpofu and Keith Kabwe and rare photos. Download card included with LP version.

Hear examples of both mixes of the album below, with Isaac Mpofu’s scorching “History of Man.”

Coming 08.26: Ngozi Family “Day of Judgement” – download a free MP3 now!

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Coming this summer – proto-punk and garage Zamrock! The celebrated guitarist Paul Ngozi’s essential debut album. Featuring Chrissy Zebby Tembo. Hardbound casebook CD; ltd. deluxe LP edition contains bonus disc with rare 7″ tracks. Out 08.26 – download a free mp3 now!

We’ve been talking about an anthology centered around Zambian guitarist/vocalist Paul Ngozi for a while now. And – while we’re not there just yet, we’re announcing the issue of his masterwork. His debut album – issued under the name Ngozi Family – is important record: not just in the Zamrock genre, but in the global rock canon. Day of Judgement is an introduction to the most intense, raw and inimitable golden era Zamrock recorded, as it paved the way for a dozen Paul Ngozi and Ngozi Family releases (the most famous being drummer Chrissy Zebby Tembo’s My Ancestors) that straddled the line between funk and punk, of driving hard rock and Zambian folk melodies and rhythms.

Day of Judgement was released in 1976, the same year as other, now famous, Zamrock albums, from WITCH’s Lazy Bones!! to Rikki Ililonga’s Zambia to Musi-O-Tunya’s Give Love To Your Children, all reissued on Now-Again. But Day of Judgement sounds like none of its counterparts. Part of that stems from its frenzied primitivism, the Ngozi Family’s attempt to overcome a lack of musical acumen with sheer force of will.

That will allowed Paul Ngozi to overcome a humble upbringing to become the most unlikely combination: Zamrock’s most beloved star in its brief but now-well chronicled arc; the only musician to maintain his fame and recording prowess in the dark ages of the ’80s; an inspiration to not only aging but young Zambians — and now others, beyond Zambia’s borders.

But one cannot imagine Paul Ngozi without this album, a full-on aural assault that sounds as wild nearly forty years after its release as it must have sounded in the developing Zamrock landscape from which it emerged. We listen to this anachronistic yet prescient album now as a wholly original, completely unpredictable album in line with those from mavericks from across the world – from the Ramones to the Sex Pistols to Death. And, though it’s been over two decades since Paul Ngozi’s passing, his voice and vision still seem exciting, powerful, unique, unvarnished, new.

Day of Judgement will see release as a hardbound casebook CD and in LP form. A limited deluxe edition of the LP will contain a bonus disc which collects four songs from rare Ngozi Family 7″ singles, issued contemporaneously with Day of Judgement.

Day of Judgement will be available to our subscribers at Now-Again Deluxe two weeks prior to the album’s release date. Download a free MP3 from the album – the devastating “Hi Babe” – below.

Download: “Hi Babe”

Out Now: Musi-O-Tunya “Give Love To Your Children” – Grab a Free mP3!

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Funk, Psych-Rock, and Fuzz-Guitar-lead Afrobeat from Zambia’s groundbreaking band. Contains extensive booklet with liner notes, an exclusive interview with drummer Brian Chengala and guitarists Rikki Ilionga and Wayne Barnes, photos and ephemera. Limited deluxe edition LP contains bonus disc with rare 7” tracks, never reissued on vinyl. Out now!

Finally! The legendary Zamrock band’s second album and rare 7” tracks presented a an album. We can only describe Give Love To Your Children as a medley of Funk, Psych-Rock, and Fuzz-Guitar-lead Afrobeat from this groundbreaking Zambian band. As you’ll read in our extensive booklet this album follows Now-Again’s first foray into the Zamrock genre, Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tuyna’s Dark Sunrise.

Dark Sunrise hadn’t even entered production when we became aware of Musi-O-Tunya’s post-Ililonga trajectory, and its uniqueness in the Zamrock landscape. It is the corollary to Ililonga’s story. And now, that story can be told, and the music can be heard, thanks to the participation of Ililonga, Chengala and Barnes, who color the creation and release of Give Love To Your Children. This album’s grooves hold the last, sustained shouts from one of the first Zamrock ensembles: Musi-O-Tunya exploded at the height of the Zamrock movement, scattering its members everywhere, with only this last, fiery artifact to remember them by.

Download a track from the album below.

Download: Musi-O-Tunya “When I’m Gone”
Buy: Musi-O-Tunya Give Love To Your Children on Rappcats.
If you missed it: Rikki Ililonga and Musi-O-Tunya Dark Sunrise.

Update: Ngozi Family Anthology

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We know you’ve been waiting patiently for our Paul Ngozi and The Ngozi Family anthology – it’s certainly been one of the most complicated and intensive investigations we’ve done of one group’s music, and it looks like we’ll have it out in early to mid 2014. So, as a primer, we’re presenting you with a selection of songs from one of our favorite albums from Ngozi’s classic period – 45,000 Volts – available in two weeks via Now-Again Deluxe at In this four track sampler, you’ll get a feel for where Ngozi headed with his third album: the template for his sound had changed, as he’d found a polished-yet-rugged middleground; he’d encompassed punk, funk and hard rock into his sound; he’d started hinting at the direction his later 70s albums would head, with tracks that can only be described as Zamrock-meets-Kalindula hybrids.

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Announcing: Salty Dog, deep fuzz and folk Zamrock via Strawberry Rain

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An EP compiled from Strawberry Rain’s essential Zamrock reissue of Salty Dog via our subscription service, Now-Again Deluxe!

We’re pleased that we were able to broker a license for our friends at Strawberry Rain Records – they behind the Benny Soebardja Lizard Years anthology that we told you about last year – for this important Zamrock album from bandleader and graphic designer Norman Muntemba.

According to an interview Strawberry Rain’s Jason Connoy conducted with Muntemba, we find that Salty Dog was a three piece, modeled after the Jimi Hendrix Experience. Their name? Well, it wasn’t a reference to Procol Harum: Muntemba wanted to base the band around the concept of the force of life, so Salty Dog was chosen: Zambian slang for sperm. Their self titled album was the eighth release on the Zambezi imprint, the same label that released WITCH’s landmark Lazy Bones!! But unlike Lazy Bones!!, Salty Dog is one of the most obscure Zambian titles from the era – a rarity amongst rarities. This has been a shame for aficionados, as the album is a beautiful combination of psychedelic, blues and folk songs, all with a Zamrock twist, and with many songs sung in English.

As a bonus for their release, Strawberry Rain pressed up the non-lp single that was released before the album: “Sunday Morning Sunshine.” This release is limited edition and comes in a handsome paste on cover, full of photos and liner notes written by the band. We here at Now-Again are happy to present this preview of the album as an EP of our four favorite songs. If you like what you hear, go out and support our pals at Strawberry Rain and help them on their mission to release some of the best, lost music from the global canon.

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More Info: Strawberry Rain’s Website.

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