Zamrock Your Way Into Next Year – Ngozi Family New Year’s Anthem

We used to share a special New Year’s carol from South Korean psych-legends He 5. But now we’re Zamrocking more frequently…so we’re digging a bit deeper and offering you a rather bizarre single by Zambian guitarist, singer and songwriter Paul Ngozi. This song, the b-side to his “Happy Christmas” single, is a departure from the hard-edged garage-psych of the Ngozi Family’s early recordings – but it’s the perfect companion for your New Year’s revelry. If you don’t mind crackle – imagine it’s the bubbles popping in your champagne – download the track below the link….

Download: Paul Ngozi: “Happy New Year”.

And, if you missed it:

Download: “He 5: “Auld Lang Syne”.”

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