Out Now – WITCH: We Intend To Cause Havoc! 4 CD/6LP Box Set Of Heavy Zambian Psych.

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The complete works of Zambia’s legendary garage-, psych-, prog-, funk-,afro-rock ensemble. 1972-1977: WITCH’s five albums and rare 7” tracks presented as a 4 CD and 6LP box set. Restored and remastered from the original tapes. Out NOW.

WITCH is the best known Zamrock ensemble – they succeeded in releasing five albums in Zamrock’s 70s heyday. Although there have been two previous WITCH reissues by the Shadoks company, this 4 CD/6LP box set marks the first time that their entire catalog – including rare, 7″-only tracks, all restored and remastered from the original tapes – has been available outside of Zambia.

WITCH’s first two, self-produced albums – Introduction and In The Past, released in unison with the birth of the commercial Zambian recording industry – are exuberant experiments in garage rock, and are as influenced by the Rolling Stones as they are James Brown. Their third album, Lazy Bones!!, is the band’s masterpiece – a dark, brooding psychedelic opus that makes equal use of wah-wah and fuzz guitars, that relies as heavily on the stomping feel of hard rock as it does the syncopation of funk. The band’s last two albums – Lukombo Vibes and Including Janet, recorded after the band toured with Osibisa – make use of traditional Zambian rhythms and folk melodies. They are the most “afro-rock” of WITCH’s oeuvre.

These 54 rare and unreleased songs are presented as a 10″ x 6″ hardbound 4 CD box set with a 24 page booklet and as 6 LPs – each with the original cover art – housed in a slipcase box with a 16 page booklet. The 6 LP box set is limited to 1000 pieces. More photos of each format, and a download of the restored master of WITCH’s “Introduction,” are below.

Download: WITCH “Introduction.”
Buy Introduction here.
Buy In The Past here.
Buy Lazy Bones!! here.
Buy Lukombo Vibes here.
Buy Including Janet (Hit Single) here.

33 Responses to “Out Now – WITCH: We Intend To Cause Havoc! 4 CD/6LP Box Set Of Heavy Zambian Psych.”

  1. Bakajohn says:

    Oh snap that is the best news I have heard in days !

  2. DJ M says:

    Awesome news, but the link does not work properly; it links to a Soul Cal tune.

  3. Now-Again says:

    Fixed! Sorry about that.

  4. Egon says:

    Unfortunately there won’t be one for this project – but we hope to have our new webstore up and running in July.

  5. Alaka says:

    Hoooooo the wait for this one is gonna be terribly long !
    Awesome.Really !

  6. Now-Again says:

    It is the “same” group, but, by the time of the release of “Movin’ On” only two members of the original WITCH band were still a part of the group. The rest had splintered, many joining other ensembles.

  7. Dan says:

    Since there is no release date, is there any way you can e-mail notices when this becomes available? Killer stuff. I want this on my shelf.

  8. Gatz says:

    In stock now at Dusty Groove (www.dustygroove.com). Get some!

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  10. CMF says:

    I’ve been looking for Rikki Ililonga collection..

  11. AK london says:

    This is the best that has been done regarding the Witch hope the Zambian government can honour Jagari being the only one from the original band thanks Jagari with Rikki for making this possible

  12. Omaq says:

    Is “Movin On” included on this collection?

  13. Egon says:

    No, that album is not included in this box set.

  14. Omaq says:

    I’ve been looking for “Movin On” for years. Please if anybody has it let me know. I live in Zambia but I can’t find it.

  15. John says:

    I hope you bought rights from Mr. Goodson Nguni from Zimbabwe who used to produce and record the With in the 70’s

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  17. Simwinji Zeko says:

    John @ No.16, I would have thought when Mr Nguni and WITCH parted ways the rights to the sound recordings he was involved in reverted to the band. Especially if Mr Nguni ended the relationship by withdrawing his set of musical equipment that the band was using at the time thus rejecting the ‘deal’ he had with them. That is a story needing elaboration in time as it reflects the precarious positions musicians were in, and probably still the case, in zambia.
    I’ve been waiting to hear 81st Crowd Confusion again for 25 years!!

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  19. Vander says:

    Please order Witch LP box.


    Sao Paulo – Brazil

  20. Chris says:

    Hi. Wonderful job with this box set, and the liner notes are amazing! Is there supposed to be a download code with it? Thanks, and great job either way.

  21. Now-Again says:

    Hey Chris, if you bought the vinyl, send proof of purchase to witch@nowagainrecords.com and we’ll send you a download link…. thanks for the support.

  22. Chris Vollor says:

    Is there a universal problem with the vinyl pressings?

    I’ve purchase two copies of the Vinyl box set now, one at Dusty Groove in Chicago and one in New York at Kim’s. Both sets included badly warped records (5 of 6…some are so bad they can barely be played), pressing dimples and some minor scratches. No download info either…

    I contacted your representative and received an initial response but no subsequent follow-up to other emails trying to resolve this topic.

    What a shame…I really love this music and vinyl!

    I think you might have a serious problem with the vinyl considering two copies from different domestic locations are in the same horrible shape…and as a customer who shelled out $80 I am definitely frustrated at best.

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  25. Owen Reed says:

    Hi How do I order a copy of this box set? desperate for a copy!

  26. Gail Super says:

    I want a copy of the box set please. As gift for a friend…..how do I go about doing it?

  27. Jim says:

    Is the boxset We Intend To Cause Havoc on vinyl. Still available

  28. Tim says:

    I heard a track called ‘Jesus Christ’ by Witch on the BBC6 Iggy Confidential broadcast. Where can I locate this track Jesus Christ? It sounds as if it is from the @Lazybones’ era.

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