Video – Egon Interviews WITCH’s Jagari Chanda At The Red Bull Music Academy

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The Red Bull Music Academy brought WITCH’s bandleader Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda to Madrid, Spain to discuss the history of Zambia’s Zamrock scene with Egon. You can watch the entire two hour interview below – and stay tuned for a two part Zamrock special on Red Bull Music Academy radio. We’ll post the links – we promise!

Link: Egon and Emmanuel “Jagari” Chanda at Red Bull Music Academy.

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  1. Egon, you’re doing a GREAT job. Stumbled across your interview with Jagari today..6 months late I’m afraid. Have been trying to contact Jagari for about 3 years now without success. Haven’t seen him for about 12 years or so. He looks great which is good to see. Yesterday while on a local bus I came across a review of the WITCH retrospective in a free local paper called METRO by Arwa Haidar.Was pleasantly surprised.I’m a Zambian guitarist living in Bristol England now and I’m from the generation that followed the Zamrock guys. 4 to 7 years behind them. They influenced us to a degree and many a time I crossed paths with Jagari, Paul Ngozi,Rikki,Derek and many others lost in the firmament of that scene.I’m the guy in the naff checked jacket playing guitar next to Rikki in one of the photos in the Dark Sunrise booklet.Had forgotten that photo!! Was in my early 20’s then. I had a group called Maoma with 2 cousins of mine. You’ve rekindled a lot of memories. I was fortunate to see Musi-oa-Tunya BEFORE they went to East Africa and also saw their last show in Zambia when they came back. Paul Ngozi was sitting in the same row as me watching their swansong. I used to visit Pauls house a few times when I lived in the same neighbourhood as him in the early to mid eighties.Rikki helped us record our first single in 1980 by fixing studio time for us.
    You’ve inspired a Zambian I met in Wales to write a Masters thesis around the Zamrock genre (sub?). There are a few factual inconsistencies in some of the stuff I’ve read in the Dark Sunrise collection and the Jagari interview at Red Bull(such as who was singing what on the WITCH recordings; eg, it is Chris Mbewe singing ‘Nazingwa’, but overall a very good interview).Space disallows me to write more, but definitely great to see some wider appreciation of an idiom that lacked exposure but delivered an amalgam of witches brew and smoking rhythms.All the very very best. Zeko

  2. Leonard Koloko says:

    Nice to hear from a guy like Zeko and I appreciate his views and recollections.

    Would it take so much to annouce that I’ve just published a book titled ‘Zambian Music Legends’ and is available on the following links:


    people like Zeko may wish to re-kindle their memories of the good old Zambian days. Keep up the good works Egon.

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