Mysterious, apocalyptic Krautrock – German Oak, the definitive reissue, LP #6 in Now-Again Reserve

Now-Again | Apr. 10, 2017 | News |

Now-Again presents the definitive reissue of a lauded and misunderstood Krautrock album – the first band-sanctioned reissue as well – in NOW-AGAIN RESERVE, scheduled to ship to subscribers in August 2017.

SUBSCRIBE: NOW-AGAIN RESERVE – there are a limited amount of “Catch Me Up” subscriptions still available to get you the entire run of NOW-AGAIN RESERVE releases.

The most mysterious Krautrock album, German Oak’s Down in the Bunker has been fetishized and demonized, lauded and misunderstood for nearly four decades. In this definitive Reserve edition of the album, the German Oak trio – together again after 30 years apart – have approved the remastering of their 70s music; finally tell the story behind the creation of their dark, brooding album – and the occult-obsessed record collector behind the original album’s release and its myth – and they share previously unreleased music and photos. 2 LP with bonus 3rd LP available only to subscribers; 3 CD – included with the subscription – contains even more music.

This reissue is produced with the direct participation of its creators. See all release details.

8 Responses to “Mysterious, apocalyptic Krautrock – German Oak, the definitive reissue, LP #6 in Now-Again Reserve”

  1. Jonny Egwash says:

    He’s at it again, 3rd lp only available to subscribers and 3 cds too. RUBBISH, you suck big time for this.

  2. Simon says:

    Currently available on Discogs for £1000 (og copy) or bootleg version also. Will the Now Again version end up in the shops???? Watch this space? Peace out to Egon.

  3. adam says:

    Douche chill @ Jonny Egwash

  4. Jonny Egwash says:

    You’re right Adam I’ve been remiss, I guess 1 good turn deserves another. I think you have some of egons seamen left on your chin @ Adam
    If you are going to have a dig at least give me a decent reason why I should pay the extortionate amount of money now again asks for these reissues, no one wins by turning the comments section into a slanging match especially not you Adam.
    I want the music, I want to support the artist, I don’t want bootlegs, and I don’t want to pay a fortune to join some record club where I have no idea what the future releases are going to be. It’s called being discerning. Now again puts out great stuff but I don’t want to own everything they put out just because they put it out. Wake up eh?

  5. Chad says:

    So is the subscription only lp material available on the 3xCD? Thanks Definitely picking this up and the Michael Cosmic reissue

  6. dada says:

    Love this release. Kind of confusing tracklist though.
    Titles differ from the original release. Hope it’s all included!

  7. Human says:

    I too am turned off by the whole subscription bait and hook. They would sell a lot more records if the label wasn’t so exclusive. Most people do not want to be locked into a subscription. I would have picked up a couple of these releases but not going to lose sleep over it. These things all eventually find their way on eBay or wherever so just keep your eye out. For now, I’m perfectly content with the downloads I found off in the ol’ dark web. Peace.

  8. Skiddy says:

    Hey, see this link for buying this release via Forced Exposure for $43 (vinyl) and $18 (CD.

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