Not Really A Podcast Pt. 3 – Heliocentrics Live In Paris, December 2008

Egon | Oct. 20, 2009 | News | ,

It was one of those last minute decisions – Madlib couldn’t make the Free Your Funk gig that he – along with myself, Karriem Riggins and J.Rocc – had agreed to. Denis, our loyal promoter, wouldn’t cancel the gig. What to do? Call Malcolm Catto and see if he could take the Eurostar from London to Paris on a moment’s notice. He brought along fellow Heliocentrics Jake Ferguson (bass) and Adey Owasu (guitar) and stole the show in front of 650 rather frenzied Stones Throw fans. This less-than-ten-minute section of their one hour jam session doesn’t come close to capturing the vibe in the cramped quarters of La Bellevilloise that Saturday, 6th of December 2008. But it’s still pretty damn cool.

Check out the Heliocentrics (as a trio) live at Free Your Funk Heliocentrics: “Live In Paris, December 2008.”

Check out photos from the night here.

4 Responses to “Not Really A Podcast Pt. 3 – Heliocentrics Live In Paris, December 2008”

  1. djmedi4 says:

    Thanks to J-Rocc for the link. CANNOT TELL YOU how excited I am to hear this, but I can tell you it will be minutes before I begin pestering you for the full show;).

    Thanks for the tease!

  2. Billy B Jazz says:

    Very true. Just release the entire show atleast for DJ Medi4 and myself. HA HA!

  3. bluntastic says:

    wow, we must hear the rest of that. cattooooooooooooooo

  4. Benny says:

    Wow !! Thats bad – Need some new Heliocentrics material, theres gotta be some soon and wheres that ‘Methane Momma’ tune

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