Morgen – Morgen – LP #20 in Now-Again Reserve

Morgen’s self-titled 1969 album is the sole release by the NYC band led by songwriter/vocalist Steve Morgen. Now-Again Reserve’s edition, pairing the album with previously-unreleased songs, alternate takes on 2LPs is the definitive reissue.

A 3rd bonus LP with instrumentals is available to Now-Again Reserve subscribers.

SUBSCRIBE: NOW-AGAIN RESERVE – there are a limited amount of “Catch Me Up” subscriptions still available to get you the entire run of NOW-AGAIN RESERVE releases. MORE

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Mark Fry – Dreaming With Alice (Master Tape Transfer) – LP #19 in Now-Again Reserve

The definitive reissue of one of rock’s rarest and most sought-after albums – “acid-folk” – equal parts pastoral folk and contemplative psychedelic.

The first time since 1971 that this album has been pressed from the original master tapes, recently discovered in Italy. Lacquered directly from tape in an all-analog transfer by Bernie Grundman.

SUBSCRIBE: NOW-AGAIN RESERVE – there are a limited amount of “Catch Me Up” subscriptions still available to get you the entire run of NOW-AGAIN RESERVE releases.

Mark Fry was 19 – recently graduated from high school and in Italy studying painting – when he walked barefooted into RCA’s Italian subsidiary, played some songs he’d written on his guitar and was signed to record the album that would become legend. MORE

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The funkiest Zamrocker – Mike Nyoni and Born Free, LP#9 in Now-Again Reserve

The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve Subscription series is Zamrock musician Mike Nyoni and Born Free’s – My Own Thing: some of the funkiest music issued on the African continent in the 1970s. Bonus 2nd LP contains the groovy genesis of the Kalindula music Nyoni would master in the 80s… available only to subscribers. Shipping to subscribers now! Single LP version will be released to stores in early June.



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Michael Cosmic / Phill Musra Group – Peace In The World / Creator Spaces

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LP One – Peace in the World

1. Arabia

1. Space On Space
2. Peace In The World

LP Two – Peace In The World and Creator Spaces

1 .We Love You Malcolm X
2. Egypt

1. Arabia
2. The Creator Is So Far Out
3. The Creator Spaces

LP Three – Worlds Experience Orchestra and Phill Musra Group (Only available to Now-Again Reserve Edition Subscription Service subscribers).

1. Phill Musra Group: The Creator is So Far Out (Unreleased Version)
2. Phill Musra Group: Phyllis

1. World’s Experience Orchestra: The Prayer (Live, 1972)

CD One – Peace in the World
1. Arabia
2. We Love You Malcolm X
3. Space On Space
4. Peace In The World

CD Two – Creator Spaces
1. Egypt
2. Arabia
3. The Creator Is So Far Out
4. The Creator Spaces
5. The Creator is So Far Out (Unreleased Version)
6. Phyllis

CD Three – Worlds Experience Orchestra and Phill Musra Group
1. The Prayer (Live, 1972)

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt. Associate production by Clifford Allen.

Restored and remastered by Pete Lyman at Infrasonic Sound, Los Angeles. Tape transfers by Dan Johnson at United Recording, Los Angeles and Jen Munson at Taloowa, Yonkers.
Lacquered by Chris Potter at Electric Mastering, London.

Art Direction by Errol Richardson.

Licensed courtesy Phillip Musra and John Jamyll Jones.

3LP, 3CD, Digital. Originally issued as part of the Now-Again Reserve Subscription Service. 2017. NA5155.

Paternoster – The Remixes

German label Heart Working Class presents an album of German and Austrian beat makers reimagining Paternoster’s incredible psych-rock opus.

Listen to more at Heart Working Class’s Soundcloud

Berlin-based label owner, journalist and all-around music enthusiast Stephan Szillus, associate producer of our Paternoster reissue – the first issue in our Now-Again Reserve subscription series – has just issued a remix album of our favorite 70s, underground Austrian album, featuring some of Austria and Germany’s underground beat-making heroes. As he writes:

“In 2015 I embarked on a journey to find the remaining members of the short-lived Vienna underground band Paternoster, because my friend Eothen “Egon” Alapatt of Now-Again Records wanted to re-issue their first and only record, one of Euro prog rock’s holy grails. I met Franz Wippel, the band’s mastermind and songwriter, and Paternoster was re-released as part of the Now-Again Reserve subscription service in April 2016. Around the same time I sent the master files to a few of my beatmaking friends from Germany and Austria, resulting in this collection of remixes and versions. From underground trap to throwback boom-bap and afro house — Paternoster still sounds very much alive, even 44 years after its release.”

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