RIP – Highlighters and Rhythm Machine founder, funk bassist James Boone

Now-Again | Feb. 7, 2014 | News |

It’s with a heavy heart that we note the passing of Indianapolis born and bred funk and soul bassist and bandleader James Boone. Now-Again’s Egon first met Boone while researching the independently released soul and funk records that would form the basis of his Stones Throw Records anthology The Funky 16 Corners, first issued in 2001. Boone featured prominently on that album, from the title track by the Highlighters band to Spider Harrison’s “Beautiful Day” to “The Kick,” by his later outfit Rhythm Machine.

After Egon issued Rhythm Machine’s 7″ single “Brenda and Me/Put A Smile On Time” as an extended disco single on the Soul Cal series in 2003, he helped Traffic Entertainment Group reissue the Rhythm Machine’s self-titled 1976 album on Now-Again in 2004, from master tapes that Boone had maintained when he moved to Omaha, Nebraska in the late 70s. In 2012, Now-Again issued an expanded version of the album with bonus tracks that Boone recorded with the band in the late 70s before the band splintered following the death of member Maride Williams.

Though Boone had walked away from music following Williams’ passing – focusing instead on his Omaha publication Go Ahead Magazine, which he founded in the early 80s and maintained until his death, and his barbecue restaurant Alexander’s – he maintained a love and passion for real soul and funk, and immeasurably helped this label during over the past twelve years. We’re proud to have called James Boone our friend, are honored that he trusted us with his music and plan on never letting his legacy go silent. With that in mind, download one of our favorite Rhythm Machine tracks below.

Download: Rhythm Machine “Put A Smile On Time.”

Out Now: Rhythm Machine.

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Rhythm Machine’s mid 70s soul/funk opus expanded with previously unreleased tracks. Out NOW

Our expanded version of the Rhythm Machine’s self-titled mid-70s soul/funk opus is available now. Images of the gatefold “mini-LP” CD package are below; also available on 2LP with booklet. Download their classic “Put A Smile On Time” below; buy the album anywhere good music is sold.

Buy: Rhythm Machine on Rappcats
Download: Rhythm Machine “Put A Smile On Time.”


Coming Soon – Expanded Rhythm Machine LP/CD.

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Rhythm Machine’s mid 70s soul/funk opus expanded with previously unreleased tracks. Worldwide release date: 07.24.12

If you purchased our Soul-Cal anthology, you heard Rhythm Machine’s anthemic “Put A Smile On Time.” If you’re anything like us, you were smitten with this synth-lead, should-have-been-a-classic. In late July you’ll have the opportunity to dig into the band’s self titled album from whence that song came – expanded with three previously unreleased tracks, never before published photos like the ones you see here, and detailed liner notes. More information, product shots and a free download coming soon.

Oh, and if you haven’t signed up for our Now-Again Deluxe subscription service, now would be an opportune time: you’ll get our three latest albums upon subscribing, and get Rhythm Machine two weeks ahead of street date.


Rhythm Machine – Rhythm Machine (Deluxe Edition)

Now-Again | May. 15, 2012 | Catalog |

Buy it here.

1. Brenda and Me
2. Can’t Do Without You
3. Everybody’s Chippin
4. Lil’s Place
5. Put On A Smile Time
6. Thought My Love Was Fine
7. You Got Action, You Got Me
8. You Make Me Feel Right, Think Right, Do Right
9. Be Yourself *
10. Laying And Playing *
11. You Pay For What You Get*
* Bonus tracks only available on this deluxe edition.

Original sessions produced by Rhythm Machine
Produced for reissues, annotated and with liner notes by Egon.
Restoration and remastering by Sean C. and Mike S. for Traffic Entertainment.
Art direction by Errol Richardson.

CD, LP and Digital. 2012. NA 5058. Note: This version replaces NA 5050.