Announcing: Amanaz “Africa” Record Store Day 2015 Release

Now-Again | Mar. 10, 2015 | News |

The Zamrock masterpiece’s definitive reissue. 2 LP, 2 CD set with both issued mixes of the album, extensive booklet. Official Record Store Day release – out now!

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Issued in 1975, this is the articulation of Zambia’s Zamrock ethos. While other albums – Rikki Ililonga’s Zambia, WITCH’s Lazy Bones!! – are competitors, it’s hard to best this album as it covers each major quadrant of the Zamrock whole: it came from the mines; its musicians were anti-colonial freedom fighters, it envelops Zambian folk music traditions, and it rocks – hard.

Africa was issued in two separate mixes and two separate presses in 1975: one version is dry, with the vocals and drums mixed loud, the other slathered in reverb, with the vocals and drums disappearing into the mix, and with the guitar solos mixed much louder. Africa’s master tapes are long lost, but we have restored both versions in new transfers from the absolute cleanest copies of this incredibly rare album and presented them both in a 2 LP/ 2 CD set. Also included in both formats: an extensive booklet containing an essay on the album and detailing the history of the Zamrock scene and this album, with notes from Amanaz’s Isaac Mpofu and Keith Kabwe and rare photos. Download card included with LP version.

Hear examples of both mixes of the album below, with Isaac Mpofu’s scorching “History of Man.”

11 Responses to “Announcing: Amanaz “Africa” Record Store Day 2015 Release”

  1. Nick Cooper says:

    A must have. Nice reissue, Egon.

  2. milliondollars says:

    this is killing me so bad. i can’t tell how happy i am to hear this! i got a vinyl rip of the Amanaz album many years ago. i was so glad to see it being reissued by Shadoks but when i finally played it, it sounded completely different to the rip i listened so many times before. i was really disappointed. this reissue must have the mix that i like so much better than the one that Shadoks released…

  3. Peter Moore says:

    Is that 12.01 am East Coast US time? Just trying to figure out what time I have to get up to order it from London!

  4. Fabricio Campregher says:

    It’s an FANTASTIC realese. Thanks one more time EGON for this important Zambia Rock release. I will like to buy the both formats (cd/lp)…Congratulations from BRAZIL!

  5. Hugo says:

    Excellent raw!

  6. Alan says:

    Anyone know if the Shadoks version is the reverb or normal version?

  7. Andy says:

    I walked into the Rough Trade store in Brick Lane last weekend and this was playing. I bought it within five minutes. I couldn’t believe this was from Africa. I don’t know what I thought it was, did i hear some New York Dolls or The Heads or even Ozric Tentacles.

    Best thing i have bought off the cuff in ages. THANK YOU Rough Trace and Now Again Records.

  8. Alan says:

    Found out Shadoks version is normal version. Shit! Need this badly. Been to about 9 or 10 record stores but no luck. Don’t use eBay. Only found out about it too late.

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