David Axelrod’s “Songs of Experience” – The Definitive Reissue, Available Now!

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David Axelrod’s personal copy of the Songs of Experience LP.

Legendary composer/Arranger/Producer David Axelrod’s essential trilogy on Capitol Records – Song of Innocence (1968), Songs of Experience (1969), and Earth Rot (1970) – officially reissued this year on Now-Again. Songs of Experience is now available in an exclusive pre-sale at our web store at Rappcats. WW release date August 10th.

ON SALE NOW »» DAVID AXELROD – SONGS OF EXPERIENCE Expected ship date: July 16, 2018

Songs of Experience (1969) is visionary composer/arranger/producer David Axelrod’s second album; it was recorded after the death of his beloved son Scott. Experience is an ominous affair, an album concerned with mortality and spirituality – the solitary, pastoral musings of William Blake set to the urban bombast of a full Los Angeles orchestra, with Wrecking Crew vets grounding the proceedings with dark funk.


Mike Nyoni and Born Free: Available In Our Monthly Digital Subscription

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Our proprietary digital subscription – every album, 7,” 12,” and EP sold on Rappcats – including all Now-Again titles – directly delivered to you as mp3 & WAV digital downloads. Periodic discount codes for purchases in the Rappcats store, giveaways and more…

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Current release: Lightmen Plus One – Energy Control Center (Expanded). Revolutionary spiritual jazz from Houston, Texas.

Drummer and bandleader Bubbha Thomas’s masterpiece album with his Lightmen band, expanded with unreleased tracks, rare 7″ tracks and more. Mastered from Thomas’s original tapes.

Also delivered when you subscribe:
Mike Nyoni & Born Free – My Own Thing (Disc Two)
Jesper Silya – Giant Steps.


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“Boston” Bob Gibson’s Record Collection – Online Grab Bag Sale at Rappcats

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Selected from records at the now-finished pop up – buy a “Boston” Bob Grab Bag at our web store at Rappcats – 4 pieces of wax selected by Egon.

This was the first pop up in what will be three events – Rappcats brought back Ubiquity Records founder Michael McFadin and thousands of records from the collection of “Boston” Bob Gibson for a record shop in our 1500 square foot space in Highland Park. The shop is now closed but the online grab bag is still available. (more…)

Unreleased, heavy psych – Paternoster’s unreleased soundtrack, LP #10 in Now-Again Reserve

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The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve Subscription series: The genesis of one of the world’s great rock albums: Austrian prog-psych masters Paternoster’s (whose self-titled album was Reserve Edition LP#1) soundtrack to Herbert Holba’s 1971 hippie sci-fi film Die ersten Tage (The First Days). Transferred directly from master tapes, never before released in any form. Shipping late July 2018.



The funkiest Zamrocker – Mike Nyoni and Born Free, LP#9 in Now-Again Reserve

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The latest release in Now-Again’s Reserve Subscription series is Zamrock musician Mike Nyoni and Born Free’s – My Own Thing: some of the funkiest music issued on the African continent in the 1970s. Bonus 2nd LP contains the groovy genesis of the Kalindula music Nyoni would master in the 80s… available only to subscribers. Shipping to subscribers now! Single LP version will be released to stores in early June.