Announcing: Lloyd Miller “Jazz at The University of Utah” and a limited edition sale from his archive

Available at our web store at Rappcats: Lloyd Miller’s Jazz at the University of Utah

Modal and Eastern Jazz by Spiritual Jazz maestro Lloyd Miller, originally issued in a run of 500 copies in 1967. This reissue – the first in a series focusing on Miller’s catalog on Now-Again – was overseen by Miller and pressed from new stampers made from the original metal parts.

Contains an extensive booklet detailing Miller’s amazing life in jazz and his worldwide travels by jazz historian Francis Goding. Also includes a download card for WAV files of the album and video of late 60s performances.

Also see: Lloyd Miller – Jazz at the University of Utah – The Deluxe Bundle

In September 2017 Egon hosted Lloyd Miller at a pop up record shop at Rappcats. There Miller, a jazz adventurer, multi-instrumentalist, author and educator, sold the last of the privately pressed LP’s he issued on his East-West label in the 1960s, including his masterpiece, Oriental Jazz and other important experiments in jazz and Eastern musical modes.

Miller is nearly as old as jazz itself, and has chased its spirit throughout the world over eight decades. From long walks down Eagle Rock Boulevard – near Now-Again’s Highland Park space – in the 50s, seeking out inspiration and counsel from the likes of legendary pianist Bud Powell, to Paris is the early 60s where he played and recorded with Jef Gilson, through sojourns to Afghanistan and Iran where he was mentored by masters from some of the world’s oldest musical cultures, Miller has never lost faith in jazz’s ability to transform, both itself and its listeners.

At his Rappcats event, Miller surprised us with hand-made copies of his Rhymes of Wisdom, Wit and Love book of poetry he made in 1970, as well as original slicks from his Impressions of Afghanistan and The Middle East LP’s and, incredibly, the news that he had the original metal parts for his incredibly-rare 1968 LP Jazz at the University of Utah. We have now issued Jazz at the University of Utah from new stampers made from those metal parts – the reissue has an even sharper fidelity than the original. This is the first in a series of reissues that Now-Again will present from Miller’s catalog – Oriental Jazz will be next.

We are offering the last of Miller’s books and publications in a series of bundles at our Rappcats web store, alongside the frame-ready album slicks and the Jazz at the University of Utah reissue LP. Most of the books are autographed by Miller, and come with bonus CD’s that Miller created from his master tapes. These bundles are available in limited quantities and are first come, first serve.

Lloyd Miller – Jazz at the University of Utah – The Deluxe Bundle
Lloyd Miller – Handmade Book Bundle
Lloyd Miller – The Middle East Album Slick
Lloyd Miller – Impressions of Afghanistan Album Slick

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0 thoughts on “Announcing: Lloyd Miller “Jazz at The University of Utah” and a limited edition sale from his archive

  • Scott Homewood says:

    Are there downloads available for journalists? This question may be applicable for all your releases….

  • Very excited about this series Egon !! Hold of his old material until now only the UK Jazzman compilation; this feels more as we get it the way as it was intended on firsthand. Cool !!

    That Lloyd didn’t get stuck in a past decade got proven as well on the excellent German Strut release – OST, in my opinion the best collabo LP the Heliocentrics have recorded until now. Am therefore seriously pleased to see that my sense of eagerness to purchase that at the time represents its current value in willing vinyl buyers.

    And yes I think that Dr. Lloyd Miller apart from his master-multi-instrument-skill has no geographically-east-exploring-side-peers that have achieved it as deep as he did. And yes I love Yusef Lateef :)

    Keep’em coming, xx

  • Not as intense as the Jazzman compilation as a whole but still holds a nice diversity of jazz formations with and around Lloyd Miller.

    Winner for me is the track ‘Impressions of Bhairavi Raga’, very atmospheric and transcendental. Also like this version of ‘Hue Wail’, kick groovin start with the snare drum so prominent.

    No problem with my copy, the normal quality I’m used to with Now Again releases. Included booklet holds the liner notes of the Jazzman release and some nice big photographs. And again with a nice designed download card, always great to use as little gifts :)

    Waiting for the re-release of Oriental Jazz !!

    (By the way, want to rectify from the previous post that I didn’t mean Yusef Lateef it was Ahmed Abdul-Malik.)

  • enrico maria franceschini says:

    great reissue
    even if i have original i bought it
    really great inner with pictures and notes

    Doc Miller deserves it

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