Announcing: Original Raw Soul III album and Transgressors 7″ (with a free mp3)…

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The collective that includes the Poets of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns present a series of rare funk, jazz, soul and world-psych singles compiled as an album. Out NOW – worldwide.

It’s been nearly fifteen years since the vinyl-only releases by the various ensembles helmed by Jay and Max Whitefield – also known as the Whitefield Brothers and the nucleus of the revered Poets of Rhythm – were collated onto an Original Raw Soul album. The last – 1997’s More Original Raw Soul – largely contained the duo’s heavy funk and soul… well before the aughts’ Deep Funk revival that one could argue began with these two German siblings’ earliest recordings.

Fitting, then, that this – Original Raw Soul III – looks back at recordings dating back over twenty years but never once sounds dated or dull. There’s the garage funk of the early Poets incarnation the Bus People Express; the deep jazz of vocalist Bajka gigging with a Max Whitefield ensemble; the pan-African psych-jazz of the Whitefield Brothers. And that’s just three of the ensembles contained within. Original Raw Soul III’s sixteen tracks that span the gamut of forty years of musical innovation, recorded over the past twenty years, and presented anew today.

Contains two previously unreleased songs by The Transgressors, which also released on a 7” in conjunction with this album. Download one – the garagey funk number “Money For Born Money For Die” – below.

Buy: Original Raw Soul III
Download: Transgressors “Money For Born Money For Die.”

7 Responses to “Announcing: Original Raw Soul III album and Transgressors 7″ (with a free mp3)…”

  1. spaceboy says:

    Oh my! This looks delish… can’t wait!

  2. bklyn says:

    […] and world-psych singles compiled as an album. The album is now available on Now Again (more info here). Download the track “Money for Born Money for Die” by Transgressors for free […]

  3. john says:

    please forgive me….will this ever appear on iTMS?

  4. Now-Again says:

    Yes – sorry for the delay. It should be up within the week and we’ll post the link here.

  5. Egon says:

    Up on Itunes now!

  6. john says:

    On my computer now! Thanks Egon and crew! Whitefield brothers rock!

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