Dimlite’s Stones Throw Podcast – Lit Paper Hats Forever (Updated With Tracklist)

We’ve been on a roll lately – first came Paul White’s Adventures, then a re-posting of Egon’s Stone Cold Psychedelic Soul and now this: Dimlite’s Lit Paper Hats Forever. Three Now-Again podcasts in a row for Stones Throw!

This mix is a perfect interlude for those of you waiting for Dimlite’s forthcoming My Human Wears Acedia Shreds 10″ EP – which we announced a couple months ago.


The Residents vs. Misel Quitno’s drums: Six Things To A Cycle, Part 5
Dimlite: 8 bars of Once Burned’ (Todd Rundgren cover)
Frank Zappa: Oh No
Raimundo Fagner: Cinza
Neu: Negativland
Sonic Youth: The World Looks Red
The Boredoms: (Omega)
Bruce Haack: Snow Job
Dimlite: Sun-sized Twinkles
Hatfield and The North: The Other Stubbs Effect
Hatfield And The North: Fol De Rol
This Heat: Paper Hats
Phonophani: blaflat
The Residents: You yes yes yes
Sun Ra: Moonship Journey
Dimlite: Higher
Flash & The Pan: California
Arnaldo Baptista: I Wanna To Take Off Every Morning
TV On The Radio: Bicycles Are Red Hot
Agigation Free: Rücksturz
Touch: Down At Circe’s Place
Egberto Gismonti: Maracatu
Daedelus: Stampede Me

Link: Dimlite’s Lit Paper Hats Forever.

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