Listen – Egon’s May Residency on NTS Radio

Egon is done with hisone month residency on NTS Radio – four two hour shows of music from around the globe. The fourth show went live today. Listen to the full show on the NTS Radio website and stream the first half of each show via our Soundcloud, below.

Show Four Tracklist:

12:49 J&H Productions Intro
11:19 German Oak Untitled
3:50 Michel Colombier Canon
4:38 Gilberto Gil 2001
3:06 Paulo Bagunça E A Tropa Maldita Tramba
2:24 The Helpful Soul Aladdin’s Theme
3:11 Bill Wendry & The Boss Tweeds A Wristwatch Band
3:10 Usha Ilyer The Trip
5:31 Michael Garrick Sextet Second Coming
5:16 Gary Bartz Drinking Song
9:01 Don Rendell and Ian Carr Quintet Pavanne
2:16 Monica Zetterlund The Baby
4:29 Trio Dag I Na Kraju Zivak
6:01 Joakim Skogsberg Offerrota
7:06 Peace Umwale Bemba Chamba
9:45 El Amor We Need Love
2:04 Gene Anderson The Loneliest One
3:10 Bobby Williams Let’s Work A While
3:00 Key and Cleary Help Build Buffalo
10:03 Cybotron Sonic Override
3:18 Dabke Lebanese Orchestra Ya Ein Moulyaten
2:37 3 Hur El Haram
3:01 Aref Unknown
4:58 Gedou Unknown
3:24 Rockadrome There You Go Again
3:36 Pan & Regaliz I Can Fly
10:06 Heikke Sarmanto Sextet Flowers In The Water

Show Three Tracklist:

0:29 Wayne Shorter Mephistopheles
3:25 Ensemble al Salaam Optimistical
5:53 John Betsch Society Ra
4:26 Arzachel Soul Thing (Queen St. Gang)
6:23 Harvester Kristallen Den Fina
2:41 International Harvester There Is No Other Place
2:51 Erkin Koray Cicek Dagi
4:37 Neu Lila Engel
2:50 Silver Apples Oscillations
3:39 Chop Omilation
5:32 Heliocentrics Joyride (Original Demo)
3:45 Question Mark Scram Out
15:17 Seaboy Ft .Nyame Bekyere Band Medley
2:41 Elias Dia Kimuezo Caminho De Felo
12:27 Ash Ra Tempel Darkness: Flowers Must Die
2:35 Armando Sciascia Dielettrico
1:45 Alessandro Alessandroni Open Air Parade
7:11 Agitation Free Haunted Island
8:18 Spectrum Do The Crab
5:23 Spleen Hurdy Gurdy Man
3:30 Unknown Moon Song Publishing Aritst Any Part I’ll Play
3:05 Montecarlos If You Leave
3:20 Eik Mr. Sadness I
33:15 Isaac Hayes Do Your Thing (Drums Mix)
6:19 Art Farmer with Steve Kuhn and his trio Ad Infinitum
4:36 Chico Hamilton ft. Gabor Szabo El Toro
7:50 Ravi Shankhar Raagank

Show Two Tracklist:

6:43 Trifle New Religion
6:15 Paternoster Blind Children
3:23 Tintern Abbey Beeside
3:02 Apple Buffalo Billycan
4:49 Garett List Slow Dance
2:21 Areski Un Beau Matin
4:29 Jean Claude Vannier L’enfant Assassin / Le Roi Des Mouches
3:58 Milton Nascimento Nada Sera Como Antes
3:07 Donovan The Divine Daze of Deathless Delight
2:48 Icecross Sad Sad Man
7:30 Georges Edouard Noelle Chodo
6:00 Hal Singer & Jef Gilson Garvey’s Strut
2:58 Herman Chinn Loy Heavy Rock
6:24 Dr. K. Gyasi & His Noble Kings Nye Mani Kan
4:19 Tigers Leila Rabordand
2:28 Carsten Meinert Kvartet One For Alice
3:38 Sun Ra and His Myth Science Arkestra Tiny Pyramids
3:15 Thomas Meloncon Bullets Of A Gun
2:50 Chico Buarque Coitadinho
6:04 Disco Roar (Atomic Forest) Spectrum
5:57 Karel Kahovec A Flamengo Get Out Of My Life Woman
4:08 Breakout Warm Up My Lips
3:26 Wells Fargo 0Watch Out
3:11 The Seeds Mr Farmer
20:49 Phil Pearlman Beat of the Earth (Side B)

Show One Tracklist:

3:33 Rob Thomsett Entrance to Warrambool (Part I and II)
4:04 The Cyrkle Nicole
8:59 Eric Burdon Winds Of Change / Poem By The Sea
5:01 Mighty Ryeders Help Us Spead the Message
3:56 Ray Alexander Technique Special One
2:11 Dusko Goykovich Macedonian Fertility Dance
4:42 Dusko Goykovich Balkan Blue Modal Jazz
7:04 Sons & Daughters Of Lite A Real Thing
5:18 Southern University Jazz Ensemble Clean Air
2:52 Jose Pirates Imbarobo
3:26 Baden Powell Sarava
2:44 Orlann Divo Beleza No Vai Embora
4:03 Peter Lemer and Asilah 80 Invocation
8:38 Lightmen Plus One On The Road Home (Mono version)
3:09 Annexus Quam
3:18 Trubrot Eg Veit Ao Pukemur
2:25 Joao Bosco Quem Sera
2:11 Waltel Branco Tema De Abertura
2:48 Groep 1850 Friday I’m Free / Hunger
3:03 Illes Zenekar Mejez Az Ut
2:41 Träd Gräs Och Stenar Sanningens Silverflod
5:38 Steve Reid Lions of Judah
3:08 izvir Vibrolux
7:27 NO INFO
3:44 Erasmo Carlos E Presciso Dar Um Jeito Meu Amigo
3:31 Round Trip Ticket Captain Purple Rides Again (Down By The River)
4:02 Girma Beyene Ene Negne By Manesh
4:58 Totem
3:28 Manu Dibango Liberations Song
3:34 Odmenn It Takes Love

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