Mr. Chop Talks DOOM, Pete Rock, Future Of Fuzz Funk In Hiphopdx Interview

Mr. Chop’s Pete Rock inspired For Pete’s Sake is out now. The man himself explains it’s genesis in this interview with

” Throughout the album, released on November 3, Mr. Chop freaks some Funk of his own with a series of intermezzos. Asked about their genesis, the producer and engineer revealed, “The interludes on For Pete’s Sake are ideas I wanted to throw in there to break up Pete’s instrumentals and help the album flow as a whole. They weren’t intially intended from the start, but after I finished the Pete Rock tracks, it became apparent that something was missing. I had a few ideas, sketches of my own that I made while editing the tracks had become tiresome. I usually do that while working on a edit, something else mutates and I’ll have to side track for a while and capture a potential new piece. This was the beginning of what became seven intermezzos. ‘Intermezzo 3’ was the first idea that bore fruit, I think they create nice little breathing spaces and perhaps the listener who is familiar with the original works of Pete Rock & CL Smooth, can do a little reminiscing of their own.” ”


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