Now-Again Acquires Jazz Legend Gene Perla’s PM Records

A Landmark Meeting And Transfer in Easton, Pennsylvania – PM Records Founder Gene Perla Thinks Now-Again Records Is The Perfect Home For His Label’s Future.

On November 16th 2023, Eothen “Egon” Alapatt traveled from Los Angeles to Easton, Pennylvania to conclude a historic moment: the transfer of Gene Perla’s PM Records – the record company known for its issues of albums by Perla’s Stone Alliance, Elvin Jones and other jazz luminaries over a five decade run – to Alapatt’s care at Now-Again Records.

Starting January 1, 2024, PM Records’ musical legacy will be overseen and protected by Now-Again.

Alapatt’s connection with PM Records dates back to the early 1990s, when he first heard a sample of master percussionist Don Alias’s “Sweetie-Pie” which appeared on the Stone Alliance album of the same name. It was through this opening that he discovered the breadth of the PM Records catalog, which is still active, with over 60 releases to date.

Alapatt has already helped bring PM’s catalog to Spotify, Apple Music and all other digital service providers. After he receives the catalog of PM’s master tapes in Los Angeles, his first project will be a vinyl re-release of the Stone Alliance album, cut in an all-analog transfer by Bernie Grundman – the first time such has been done since this sought after album was first pressed in 1975.

The Stone Alliance LP package will also include an oversized booklet written by Perla, providing an overview of the PM Records arc, as well as detailed information about the Stone Alliance band and vignettes from Perla’s life in music.

Alapatt also plans to offer out original, “dead-stock,” sealed vinyl copies of classic PM Records to record retailers alongside the Stone Alliance reissue.

Gene Perla said:

Out of the blue, it started with a phone call from Eothen and that he was interested in my PM catalog. The next thing was a knock at the door whereupon he and Madlib visited my home and had a blast looking through my basement storage. Business took hold immediately, which included copies of all of my remaining PM LPs being sent to the two remaining Beastie Boys. I felt from the moment we met that only good things would ensue – and they have.

Eothen Alapatt said:

I’ll never forget showing up at Gene’s house with Madlib and feeling like we’d reconnected with a long-lost friend. His music – both that which he created on his own label with that which he made others, from Elvin Jones to Jeremy Steig to Nina Simone – has been a part of my life since my childhood. That he chose me as the steward for his label’s – and his artists’ – musical legacies is one of the greatest honors I’ve had in my musical career.

About PM Records:

In 1972 jazz bassist Gene Perla created the PM Records recording company. While both performing with master percussionist Elvin Jones, saxophonist David Liebman mentioned to Gene that he was having difficulty finding a company to release his new Open Sky project. In a quick decision Gene started the PM Records label which succeeded in releasing its first LP of that Open Sky live concert. The company has gone on to produce more than 60 recordings.
PM has artists on its label ranging from world renowned drummer Elvin Jones to the hip Canadian vocal group Bug Alley. Today PM continues to flourish as a small independent label. Most new projects are produced at the company’s multi-media studio The System MSP (Music, Sound & Picture) located in Easton, Pennsylvania. With its modern technology PM provides re-releases of its entire catalog in CD and digital MP3 formats.
The company also provides outlets for self-produced artists through its affiliated labels Plug Records and Booty Record. PM holds its place as one of the great independent labels which continues to create some of the best music for jazz listeners.

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