Photos: Egon on tour with Madlib, Japan 2013

Now-Again | Feb. 18, 2013 | Photographs |

As promised last week, here are some photos from the ground in Osaka, Japan, as Egon and Madlib ready to don surgical masks and fly to polluted Beijing. Three dates: Beijing, Chengdu and Shanghai.

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  1. tompd says:

    Photos look great! Any chance you’ll put some of those fine looking japan tour medicine show tshirts up for sale on rappcats?

  2. Now-Again says:

    If we have any left after we return from China, you’re welcome to purchase one directly. We probably won’t have enough to sell them on an official sale. Hit me up mid-next week…..

  3. Bernard Peters says:

    Can you please give us some of that great tour insight that we love so well? Especially from china, I can only imagine the kind of wax gems you guys are gunna unearth

  4. Fumanchu says:

    Egon…wanted to check in and see if you had come back to the states and have any more of the medicine show tshirts in an XL?

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