RIP – Vinnie Johnson (Stark Reality, Stanton Davis’ Ghetto Mysticism Drummer)

Now-Again | Jun. 3, 2012 | News |

Phil Morrison, bassist of our favorite, impossible-to-describe jazz group Stark Reality, told us today that Vinnie Johnson, the band’s drummer, had passed away. We don’t have any further details at this time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Vinnie’s family. He was one helluva drummer, and a cheerful, super guy. He will be missed.

Photo above by Jim Bourne, taken in 1970 on the back lot at Boston’s WGBH, for use on the Stark Reality’s AJP-issued LP.

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  1. So said to hear that Vinnie has left us.
    Read more here, a post by bassist Jerome Harris’ wife:

  2. Rest in Peace! thankful for his life from the just hearing his drums-respect to the relatives

  3. Vinnie Johnson was an incredible drummer! so said T-Bone Walker everytime he introduced him.
    He was also an incredibly sweet and stable human being, and his drums and rhythms talked to you, you felt them; Vinnie Johnson’s playing kicked you, soothed you, filled you out, brought you home.His accompaniments, his feeling the music, will be missed in this encroaching electronic beat machine world with no human-being-feeling. RIP Vinnie

  4. more than anything else,vinnie was one hell of a guy.they don,t come like him every day(you will be missed. diz

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