Sneak Peak – Our Anthology of Kourosh Yaghmaei’s Pre-Revolution Iran Psych Coming Soon!

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We’re pleased to announce that we’ve approved the samples of hardbound, full color book – and, of course, 2 CD set – of the complete Pre-Revolution recordings of Iranian psych-rock godfather Kourosh Yaghmaei. We’ll be posting more information about this anthology – and the two vinyl formats in which we will present Kourosh’s music – in the coming weeks. In the meantime, read more at the links below and, if you haven’t already purchased our Forge Your Own Chains anthology of global psychedelia, download Kourosh’s entry on that album – the masterful “Hajme Khali” – below.

More: Kourosh Yaghmaei on Now-Again.
Kourosh Yaghmaei “Hajme Khali.”

11 Responses to “Sneak Peak – Our Anthology of Kourosh Yaghmaei’s Pre-Revolution Iran Psych Coming Soon!”

  1. Serge Vannier says:

    Really excited about this release, and love love LOVE Those Shocking Shaking Days. Keep up with this almighty marvellous good shit. And always the very best packaging and liners.

    Have to say though, Yaghmaei looks like Thierry Guetta in that 1st photo.

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  3. eric benoit says:

    absolutely thrilled to see this as a forthcoming release!!

  4. Sara K says:

    I so want this!

  5. Jo/No says:

    Wow, so looking forward to this one!!

    My own posts of Iranian grooves is steadily immensily popular, in my blogger statistics the three posts of Iranian 60’s-70’s material show up most popular every god damn week for the last 2 years since I first posted ’em!? Ha ha, that said, it seems like there is a huge demand for more killer comps and yours will surely do the trick!

  6. Naz says:

    when when when is this actually coming out!?

  7. Ramin says:

    Yeah, when is it coming out?! I want this so bad, both the cd and the vinyl versions.

  8. Armin says:

    I am a life long fan and can’t wait for the release date. I want to get my hands on both CD and vinyl. The godfather of Persian Rock has re-risen.

    Thank you for the forthcoming release guys. keep up the good work.

    Kourosh rules!

  9. Cortez says:

    @ Armin, agreed with your comments. Is there any date known about this release!

  10. Ramin says:

    After some searching I found out that it’s being released on 22-08-2011. Anyways definitely in late August.

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