Stream: Egon’s Mix For Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide

Now-Again | May. 22, 2014 | News | ,

Above, stream Egon’s set from a recent stop at Gilles Peterson’s legendary Brownswood studios in London. Contains a series of previews of albums to come on Now-Again, from Karl Hector & The Malcoun’s Unstraight Ahead to the Ngozi Family Band’s Day of Judgement, forthcoming titles on Madlib and Dilla’s labels, never before heard Zimbabwean rock and funk tracks and a special, special treat: the lost JB’s recording of Bootsy Collins and the boys covering Jimi Hendrix. Fantastic!


Neoton – Gyere Álom (Pepita)
Karl Hector & The Malcouns – Kaifa Part 1 (Now-Again)
The J.B.’s – The Power Of Soul (King Record test press)
Eye Q – I Am Selfish (Now-Again)
Ngozi Family Band – Sunka Mulamu (Now-Again)
Stars of Liberty – Power To The People (Afro Soul)
Madlib – Selections from Rock Konducta Vol. 2 (Madlib Invazion)
J Dilla – Give ‘Em What They Want (Pay Jay)
Stephen David Heitkotter — Untitled (Now Again)
Fabiano do Nascimento & Airto Moreira – Minha Cirandar (Now-Again)

12 Responses to “Stream: Egon’s Mix For Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide”

  1. octavio becerra says:

    miss you bradda… ob1
    loved the sonic journey…

  2. djb says:

    way to roll the JBs in there. :)

  3. Dr. J says:

    You mean J.B’s – “Power of Soul,” right? Looking forward to this!

  4. Nigel says:

    That 2nd track is ILL!!

  5. Dirty Cyclist says:

    Damn… the whole mix is off the hook!

  6. Johnny Nixon says:

    Egon. My brother. You have enlightened so many times with your sharing at many times the best music I have ever heard! This mix is Brilliant! I love it!

  7. Now-Again says:

    Dr. J – Ooops! Johnny Nixon, OB1 – Whattup fellas!

  8. Dominic Scheuring says:

    Thanks a ton Egon, fantastic mix. Any more information on the Stars of Liberty joint? I love it so much.

  9. Now-Again says:

    Hey Dominic, that will be part of our forthcoming Zimrock comp!

  10. Dominic Scheuring says:

    dope, can’t wait.

  11. Dan says:

    Hello, dates on a release for the fabiano do nascimento and airto moreira? Fiending.

  12. Fungai Paul Malianga says:

    Just discovered this I am the singer /songwriter
    on the track Power to the People with Stars of
    Liberty Thanks This takes me way back Yeah Let the
    Old Timers Roll How can I get hold of Egon?

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