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Now-Again | Nov. 16, 2015 | News |

Coming very soon: the start of our LP subscription service, Now-Again Reserve.

RIP – Luther Davis, Godfather of Modern Soul

Now-Again | Nov. 4, 2015 | News |

It’s with a heavy heart that we note the passing of Bakersfield born and bred soul and blues guitarist and bandleader Luther Davis. Now-Again’s Egon first met Davis through collector Mike Vegh; in order to re-release Davis’ classic Lifetime Records single, Egon started Now-Again subsidiary Soul-Cal Records, in 2002. A decade later, the Soul-Cal anthology saw release, and Davis’ story was told for the first time.

Davis was a kind, humble soul who, while intrigued by the success his tiny, local release had gotten in the decades since it was lost in Bakersfield’s expanse, never lost faith in his ability as a songwriter and a bandleader. He lead many local ensembles and played various California blues festivals until his death, on October 28th 2015. RIP big Luther. We’ll miss you.

Video – A 4th Coming’s “Strange Things” Primer

Now-Again | Oct. 20, 2015 | News |

A two minute primer on Los Angeles eccentric soul and funk mavens 4th Coming.

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Above, watch a primer about one of Southern California’s most mysterious soul and funk outfits, our heroes the 4th Coming, shot and edited by Bennet Piscitelli. Their lost album, Strange Things, is out now..

Rodinia: Synth-Lead, Rhythmic Krautrock

Now-Again | Oct. 19, 2015 | News |

Now-Again Records has enjoyed a long and creative partnership with Munich-based multi-instrumentalist JJ Whitefield, creative force behind the Poets of Rhythm, Whitefield Brothers and Karl Hector & The Malcouns. Rodinia, his latest project, is quite different than anything that’s come from his oeuvre to date, but follows in the line of the Poets of Rhythm’s great Discern/Define, as it reaches back to Krautrock’s experimental hey day but pushes its boundaries with a post-hip-hop approach. One stop clearance.

Download: Rodinia – Drumside/Dreamside

4th Coming: Eccentric Los Angeles Soul and Funk

Now-Again | | News |

Strange Things, the lost 4th Coming album, is a marvelous example of the undercurrent that existed in 1970s Hollywood, when talented unknowns mixed with polished studio professionals, and recorded music that happily sits near their major label peers. With this album of quirky Funkadelic, Sly Stone and Charles Wright influenced music, we offer one stop clearance.

Download: 4th Coming – Strange Things

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