Photos: Seu Jorge and Almaz At Palihouse Hotel, Los Angeles

Now-Again | Aug. 14, 2010 | Photographs |

Yesterday Seu Jorge and Almaz performed an intimate private party sponsored by Sagatiba cachaça, Cafune Produções and Now-Again Records at West Hollywood’s Palihouse Hotel. Afterwards, guests mingled with Almaz and the likes of directors Michel Gondry and Jose Padilha as Almaz producer Mario C DJed. Tonight, Seu Jorge and Almaz wrap up their North American Tour at downtown LA’s Club Nokia.

Photos: Seu Jorge and Almaz at Palihouse Hotel, Los Angeles.


Maker – Maker Vs. Now-Again

Now-Again | Aug. 13, 2010 | Catalog |

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Produced and Recorded by Maker at West Of The Flag, Chicago, IL.


1. Walk Away Son”
2. Shout
3. The Love We Have
4. Everyone Else
5. Realization
6. Happenings
7. Everything Is Beautiful
8. The Fire That Burns
9. Hold’em
10. Organ Prelude Dub
11. Colors
12. Summer Times
13. Free
14. Southside Phantom
15. Forge Your Own Chains
16. Come home With Me
17. Sneak Into My Bedroom
18. Snake Bite
19. Summer Times prt2
20. Ashtray

NAML 004 CD 2010

Found: Kashmere Stage Band Sheet Music/Download: Kashmere Stage Band “Super Bad”

Now-Again | Aug. 12, 2010 | News |

As the Kashmere Stage Band documentary Thundersoul continues to make the festival rounds, we here at Now-Again get a bit more serious about the idea that record collector and indie-distribution kingpin Joe Mansfield have been discussing for a while now: the definitive Kashmere Stage Band eight-LP box set. That day might come soon…. take a look at the sheet music that Mansfield dug out of his collection yesterday, above.

Yes, at one point in the distant past, any high school student in the nation could attempt to recreate the magical funk that the high school students at Kashmere Senior High School played under the direction of Conrad O. Johnson. An example is below.

Download: Kashmere Stage Band “Super Bad (Egon’s extended edit)” from our Texas Funk anthology.

Announcing: Psych Funk Sa Re Ga! (World Psychedelic Funk Classics)

Now-Again | Aug. 11, 2010 | News |

We really don’t know how the good folks at Cheyenne, Wyoming’s World Psychedelic Funk Classics have the time to dig up so many incredible global-psych-funk joints and compile them… maybe the lack of decent local records to rediscover (the Soul Reflections’ “Grooving in the Basement” notwithstanding) has something to do with it. Anyway – their latest, an investigation into the “Aesthetic Expressions Of Psychedelic Funk Music In India,” is due out later this year. We just got a sneak peak at the cover and it looks miiiiighty promising.

New Mix: Paul White For BBC 6Music

Now-Again | Aug. 10, 2010 | News |

We’re a bit late to the party on this one – but this mix is so damn good that we couldn’t help but link you to it. Even if we’re two weeks late! Thanks to Alex Chase at One Handed Music for posting Paul White’s mix for the BBC’s Tom Ravenscroft.

Link: Paul White’s BBC 6Music Mix.

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