Egon/Madlib/J.Rocc – (Short) European Tour, October 2010

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In less than a month, Egon, Madlib and J.Rocc will travel to Europe to perform DJ sets in Madrid, Spain (Thursday, 14th Oct. at Joy Eslava), and Paris, France (Saturday 16th Oct. at Nouveau Casino). Show up early to the Paris gig to catch Egon’s Angolan and Zambian set at neighboring Charbon.

Audio + Video: Seu Jorge and Almaz Tiny Desk Concert At NPR

Now-Again | Sep. 14, 2010 | News |

Seu Jorge and Almaz are now featured as part of NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series. Audio from their entire performance is available as a stream; video of their rendition of Tribo Massahi’s “Pai Joao” is available as well. From Jasmine Garsd’s review:

“I’ve always been curious to find out what Seu Jorge sounds like live, and in this Tiny Desk Concert I finally got my answer: He sounds as powerful as he does on his records, if not better. And he loves to play live, feeding off the energy of the audience. Later, he mentioned to me — while on his fourth cigarette break; there’s a reason behind this man’s raspy voice — how much he enjoyed being able to play while sitting right next to audience members. Here’s hoping he comes back soon..”

Link (with Audio and Video): Seu Jorge and Almaz – NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert

Not Really A Podcast: The Poets of Rhythm, Malcolm Catto, Bajka Live In Nottingham, UK (2006).

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Thanks to Lewis Heriz (the graphic-design mastermind behind London’s Sofrito, and our Whitefield Brothers and Seu Jorge and Almaz album covers), we are pleased to offer you another entry in our sporadic “Not Really A Podcast” series….

This is the first in a line of songs we’ll make available from a gig Heriz produced for the Poets of Rhythm/Whitefield Brothers, Heliocentrics drummer Malcolm Catto and vocalist Bajka at The Maze in Nottingham, UK, in 2006. First up – a funky take on Charles Mingus’s “Moanin.'”

Download: The Poets of Rhythm featuring Malcolm Catto ““Moanin.'”

Now-Again and Stones Throw present: Advanced Jazz Party in LA. Sunday 09.12.10

Now-Again | Sep. 10, 2010 | News |

This Sunday, we’re teaming up with Stones Throw to present an Advanced Jazz party at Palate Food + Wine in Glendale – in honor of Madlib’s Advanced Jazz album (and, ahem, the multitude of Advanced Jazz albums we release on Now-Again). No, Madlib won’t be there. So show up for the butter-fried chicken and aged Burgundy – don’t show up with a demo to give to the Beat Konducta. And, in case you missed the previous events, here are some photos:

Photos from our Weird Jazz Afternoon/P.E. Hewitt Record release party.
Photos from our Black Man’s Cry record release party.

Seu Jorge and Almaz on NPR’s All Things Considered: “A double billing has never been more deserved.”

Now-Again | Sep. 9, 2010 | News |

Seu Jorge and Almaz were featured yesterday on NPR’s All Things Considered, in a review by Derek Rath. An excerpt:

“But at the core of it all is that voice, an unsettling confluence of romance and disturbance, velvet and sandpaper. It has star power, and it transcends language and styles. Whether Seu Jorge may sometimes meander around notes and melodies is as relevant as a two-lane blacktop is to a panther in the forest. The band rightfully strips down the arrangements and gives him plenty of space to roam without contradiction. There is an easiness here, perhaps because of the wide parameters and reference points they’ve set for themselves.

Seu Jorge and Almaz has the looseness of a private jam session with your favorite musicians, but with each having a clear and equal part to play. It feels ready to be packed into the truck and taken on the road with no muss, no fuss. A double billing has never been more deserved.”

Link (with Audio): Seu Jorge and Almaz on NPR’s All Things Considered

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