Out Now – Now-Again 7″ Sure Shots, Exclusive Bundle Available

Now-Again | Dec. 11, 2014 | News |

The bundle is SOLD OUT at our webstore at rappcats.com, but copies are still available at key vinyl retailers the world over.

As we previously announced: series of four, limited edition 7”s ranging from Deep American Funk and Soul, Zimbabwean Fuzz Funk, Zambian Proto-Punk, and Rare Disco. 500 copies of each 7” produced: not to be repressed. Download card for entire series included with each 7”.

This series is now available to our subscribers at Now-Again Deluxe at Drip.fm and we offered an exclusive bundle of all four 7″s at a discounted price at our webstore at rappcats.com. Though now sold out, we are already work on round two. More info to come soon.

Free download and streams of the a-side of each single below.

Download: Split Decision Band “Watching Out (45 Version)”

2 Responses to “Out Now – Now-Again 7″ Sure Shots, Exclusive Bundle Available”

  1. Denvo says:

    Hey guys that download doesn’t seem to work. Cheers tho for all the dope tunage over the years!!

  2. Now-Again says:

    Denvo, hit me up at egon@nowagainrecords.com

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