A Mix For Action Bronson – A Live Mix By Egon In Two Parts

“A Mix For Action Bronson” – in two parts – up on Egon’s Spotify now. Originally assembled for Bronson’s “Live From The Moon Radio,” you can now check both parts on his show on Apple Music or on Egon’s Spotify.

Part one is a bit more on the rock and funk tip, with distorted psych from Mexico’s El Amor, Gene Anderson’s most polyrhythmic song with his Dynamic Psychedelics, grooves from Lebanon, Turkey and Iran (with the latter posing the question as to whether Aref covered The Devil’s Anvil, or vice versa), teenage Nigerian fuzz angst, and unreleased music by The Heliocentrics and Chop.

Part two starts in Ghana, with deep 70s highlife, digs into a bit more of the world jazz side of things, from Dusko Goykovich to The Southern University Jazz Ensemble’s impossible to find Goes To Africa With Love album, revisits a quick tour of Brazil’s rhythmic movements from the 1950s to the 1970s and then dips into the myriad rhythms of the Sahara Desert and ending on a meditative note with a shout to the late, great Houston SpiritualJazz maverick Bubbha Thomas.

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