Amnesty – Free Your Mind – reviewed in Toronoto’s Now

Compilations of 70s funk are so common now, it’s no longer sufficient to simply dig up a couple of 7-inch tracks that Tobias Kirmayer hasn’t yet posted to You’ve got to deliver stuff like “the only known acetate, on loan from Cut Chemist, who won it from Dante Carfagna in a Texas hold ’em showdown.”

Or better yet, how about an entire unreleased album like Amnesty’s Free Your Mind: The 700 West Sessions, which Stones Throw ace Egon just dug up for his Now Again imprint. It’s a stone-cold prog-soul thriller that comes packed with a powerful political punch recalling the early work Funkadelic. The funkiest lesson in black history you’ll hear this month.

From Toronto’s NOW Magazine:

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