An Apple A Day Keeps Bad Funk Away

Now-Again | Apr. 29, 2010 | News | ,

Yesterday was a glorious one at Now-Again’s L.A. headquarters: Edward “Apple” Nelson – he of Apple and Three Oranges fame – came down to our spot and held court with Egon and Cut Chemist. Now-Again affiliate Henoch Moore filmed the proceedings. The three discussed the New Orleans-born drummer’s life work (did you know he’s the one who originally laid the pattern James Gadson mimicked on Dyke and The Blazer’s “Let A Woman Be A Woman Be A Woman” single?) and listened to a series of his recordings in the original 45 rpm format. Cut Chemist even broke out his original copy of “Curse Upon The World” for the occasion.

An Apple and Three Oranges anthology is forthcoming on Now-Again; in the meantime, catch your Apple-funk on California Funk, out now.

Download L.A.’s own Apple and Three Oranges’ “Curse Upon The World” here.
Buy California Funk at Rappcats Webstore.

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  1. Jack says:

    BigTune gotta get ma hands on that shit

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