Fela/Black Man’s Cry reviewed at Okayplayer.com

Now-Again | Apr. 28, 2010 | News |

Today was an interesting day at Now-Again headquarters: we received word back from one of the producers of the Fela! musical on Broadway – a West African aficionado for the past thirty years – that our Black Man’s Cry anthology passed his muster. And then we received this lovely review from hip hop mainstay okayplayer.com. Gotta love the cross over between hip hop and Afro-Beat’s godfather, even though it’s been almost twenty years since Pete Rock first sampled “Water Get No Enemy” for his brothers in INI.

From okayplayer.com’s review:

“In that respect, Black Man’s Cry is an impeccably (and in the case of the artwork and liner notes, lovingly) compiled tribute to a huge talent. And the wonderful part about it is that it only begins to scratch the surface of Fela’s inspiration, musical and political. And that’s the greatest tribute you can pay to such a legend.”

Link: Black Man’s Cry reviewed at okayplayer.com

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