Heliocentrics “13 Degrees Of Reality” Album Out NOW; Free MP3; Gaslamp Killer Mix Coming Soon

Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality album available NOW via Now-Again Deluxe; CD/LP; Itunes. Free MP3 – “Wrecking Ball” – available for download below. Gaslamp Killer Vs. Heliocentrics mix coming soon!

We mentioned it, well, very recently in this forum: over three years in the making, the UK collective Heliocentrics’ sophomore album for Now-Again, 13 Degrees of Reality, is out NOW.

As promised, we’re giving away one freebie from the album – the stalking, smashing, psych-funk dronefest that is “Wrecking Ball.” If you like what you hear – and we’re sure that fans of Jake Ferguson and Malcolm Catto’s dense production will – then you’ll love the album. And if you can’t make up your mind to buy it just yet – well, after you hear Gaslamp Killer’s mix, which will premiere on rollingstone.com and rappcats.com very soon, we think you will.

Download: Heliocentrics “Wrecking Ball”
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Buy: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Rappcats.

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