Out Now: Heliocentrics “Quatermass Sessions 1″ EP – Grab a free mp3 here!

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Heliocentrics Quatermass Sessions 1 EP available NOW via Now-Again Deluxe and on vinyl. Stream the EP at Soundcloud and download a free MP3 here!

Returning after their 13 Degrees of Reality album with a full on volley of psychedelic-funk songs first heard on Gaslamp Killer’s HELIO X GLK EP, the Heliocentrics offer nine tracks that Rolling Stone describe as “…sprawling, with percussive patterns that suddenly morph into extraterrestrial sound blasts and opaque, detouring patterns.” We couldn’t have said it better. This is the kind of EP that you would happily welcome as an album – and, you know what, in the future you might: as the title hints, this is probably only the beginning of The Heliocentrics’ excavations into the sonic experiments they entered into for years at their recently vacated Quatermass Studios.

We’re currently streaming the entire EP on our Soundcloud and, if that’s not enough, you can grab an MP3 download below – the Jeremy Steig inspired “The Five Thing.”

Download: “The Five Thing”
Subscribe Now: https://drip.fm/nowagain
If you missed it: Heliocentrics 13 Degrees of Reality on Rappcats.

15 Responses to “Out Now: Heliocentrics “Quatermass Sessions 1″ EP – Grab a free mp3 here!”

  1. Mean Mr Mustard says:


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  4. […] Fresh off of the release of their most recent full length for Now-Again Records, 13 Degrees of Reality, the London based modern psych-funk kings, Heliocentrics, are at it again. This time around it is in the form of a 9-track EP entitled Quatermass Sessions 1 – which hopefully means there will be a 2nd installment coming out sometime in the future. The Heliocentrics have been at it for some time now, catching the ear of some very talented people and having collaborated with the likes of DJ Shadow, Mulatu Astake, Dr. Lloyd Miller, Madlib, Mr. Chop, and the Gaslamp Killer. You can stream the entire EP today and pick up the LP from Now-Again here. […]

  5. rocks says:

    When will the album be available on itunes?

  6. MP3PLEASE says:

    Again with the DripFM subscription huh?! Had an MP3 download been available when this release dropped I would have purchased it on sight.

    Instead I’m streaming it on Souncloud, which I appreciate. But my interest in purchasing MP3 may have waned by the time that becomes available, moving on to other new music.

    Sorry Egon, I love a lot of the music you put out, but many of us will never sign up to blindly commit $15/mo to a label. Not even for Now Again.

  7. Egon says:

    Too bad you won’t be one of the 200+ people that subscribe and support what we do at Now-Again Deluxe, and seem pretty happy, Joel – they help make it possible to pay artists to release music here, in a declining industry, amidst great odds. But we do appreciate you listening to the music we release and considering purchasing it at the very least.

  8. MP3PLEASE says:

    Funny, last time I was interested in a Now Again release, Chop-Illuminate, in absence of a digital release, I reluctantly purchased the CD, for which you thanked me for on a similar comment thread on this website.

    But this time I find its gone a step further, and only people willing to commit to giving you $180 a year are worthy of the privilege of paying to enjoy and support the music your label releases?

    Amazing you choose to lecture and insult a customer expressing frustration about not being unable to purchase a new release on your label. Obviously I am interested in supporting the artists I hope will continue to make music.

    I guess I’ll just have to hope some of these artists defect to Bandcamp.

  9. Egon says:

    I like your email address – youreanelitistprick@andtothinkallthemoneyivegivenyou.com. You’ve “given” money to me to make the recording and release of the music you like possible. If some of these artists “defect to Bandcamp” they won’t have a label releasing their music – that means no label paying them, paying for the production of their product, overseeing its distribution, hiring publicists, etc. Is that what you really want? If not, you should be thankful there are still elitist pricks like me – and those I employ – still out there taking all the money you’ve given (us) and put it back into releasing music that nearly no one else will put money behind.

  10. James says:

    I’m yet another person who thinks it’s a great shame that this isn’t available to purchase as a single download. Preferably (and logically) the Stone’s Throw shop and not via iTunes, given the hopelessly crap quality and Apple’s less-than-helpful attitude to royalties. I’ve used the ST shop several times as I prioritise direct purchasing from labels for the latter reason.

    It’s sadder still that a label representative is sparring with a customer who, while the tone his undoubtedly provocative, ultimately just wants to support the artist with a purchase.

    As a fellow musician struggling along for the last 20 years, I understand it’s a very hostile climate and that music has become shamefully devalued. However, customers who chose not to suck artists dry via share-blogs should be afforded an alternative choice than a yearly subscription plan.
    I cannot see that providing a single download option for this release undermines your label or the artist.

    I understand the necessity of more offensive sales techniques, but it’s astonishing that Now Again are sending potential customers away in such precarious times. Any customer could construe these type of tactics as elitist.

    Drip.fm looks like an excellent option for those who love the entire roster, but as someone who only likes a few of the artists on Now Again, I should not be penalised or strong-armed into essentially purchasing the yearly discography. Or alternatively, paying an exorbitant price for the few releases I’d ultimately want.

    The customer is most definitely not always right, but the opposite is equally true.

    All said with respect.


  11. MP3PLEASE says:

    Thank you James. I did not mean to be provocative, I simply intended to explain why Now Again’s exclusivity was going to cost them a sale. For that I was attacked and painted as a jerk who doesn’t care about supporting artists.

    Egon, you ask if that’s really what I want, but you know that its not. You know I simply want to be able to purchase releases from artists on your label without a subscription.

    How many sales is Now Again losing due to this exclusivity? How does the average visitor react when they click the “BUY IT HERE” link next to any album on the homepage only to find themselves redirected to a DripFM page that instructs them to sign up for a monthly service?

    You have 200+ subscribers, but how many unique users a month click those “BUY IT HERE” links? What’s the bounce rate on that DripFM page it links to? How many of those bounces might have been sales had the user found what they were looking for when they clicked “BUY IT HERE”?  You know, an option to “BUY” the album.

    As James points out, surely the subscription is a great deal for those who are interested in a majority of the label’s releases. Would those subscriber numbers really fall off if the releases were available to the rest of us too?

    Wasn’t there talk once of a Now Again store on this website? I remember being really excited about that.

  12. Egon says:

    Hey guys, look – I appreciate provocation. I appreciate dissent. I even appreciate interesting email addresses that have meanings directed towards me and my staff. I mean that. We are always learning, even when we don’t want to.

    All this said – I direct people towards our subscription service because it is 1) part of a platform run by struggling independent musicians and label people like us who are trying to figure out the next step in a losing battle and 2) is the easiest way for an interested fan to support this label and its artists in the short term, and hopefully the long term, as it delivers a lot of music for the money and does so without any conglomerates and their big fingers in our shallow pockets.

    Of course I, and the artists whose music we issue, are happy no matter where people choose to support. But we make next to nothing on Spotify, for instance, and, as you work your way up the chain, you’d be surprised at how little we receive. We’ve been working on a webstore for the better part of a year. When we do have one ready, there will certainly be exclusive music available there, as there is now on Drip.fm. In the meantime, it’s not a slight to you – anyone – to not make music available on iTunes or Emusic or some service like that – and most of our music is – and it’s not a slight if we don’t get a free MP3 download available before street date. What this reflects is us doing the best we can, with an extreme shortage of time and money, to keep our focus where it always is: getting good music out on a regular basis.

    I do appreciate support, in any way it comes, and believe it or not I really do appreciate criticism. What I don’t appreciate is entitlement – this is not a sponsored service. It’s not a way to get rich. It’s a decent idea, it’s good music and it’s paid for by those who put their money forth, and provided by those of us who work very hard and who keep delivering – and I don’t feel like anything – a free mp3, an extra album, whatever – should be taken for granted. This enterprise is really the result of a straight forward collective- a bunch of musicians and those that work with and for them – younger and older – trying to support their families in desperate times and continue to make music.

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  14. jay says:

    hey egon,

    really glad to hear there’s a web shop coming…i prefer vinyl but dont live near any decent shops

    if i could buy 12s directly from yall that would be great!

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