Announcing: Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics (and a free mp3!)

A while ago, we posted a back and forth that we had with Dr. Lloyd Miller about the past, future and ethics of rhythm. Well, now we have something better – his collaborative album with The Heliocentrics is set for release on Strut on August 2nd (well, the actual vinyl will come out on August 31st).

It’s a monster of an album, inspired by Millers’ frequent tours and ceaseless study of Middle Eastern music and culture, full of the rock solid rhythms that the Heliocentrics are known for and blessed by Miller’s genius on an array of instruments that would cause even the most talented of jazzers to pause. Download an example now – one that’s much funkier than anything we would have expected Miller to allow, but one that speaks volumes to his – and The Heliocentrics – talents.

Download: Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics – “Fantasia Part. 1.”

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0 thoughts on “Announcing: Lloyd Miller and The Heliocentrics (and a free mp3!)

  • Sir Salamander says:

    GOLD! If you are familiar with the career of Dr. Lloyd Miller and his accomplishments in music and ethnomusicological study you have to appreciate all his contributions. After the last Now Again correspondance with the purist, we find ourselves enjoying another one of his contributions to music and society. During Dr. Miller’s long stay in pre-revolution Iran, he immersed himself in the life and culture of the Iranian people. Mastering the language and accents of Farsi, as well a dignified mastery of many of the traditional Iranian intruments. Now in this new collaberation we find ourselves listening to something only as pure as Lloyd Miller would allow and with the ever so talented Heliocentrics provided a full canvas for Miller to add his touch to. Can’t wait for the full album. All you out there must pick it up on vinyl or any other medium. In this MP3 I am hearing Miller’s love for old Miles and some very Ethio/Arabic scales as expected. Thank You.

  • Bryce Kepner says:

    I was so impressed hearing their album with Mulatu , I didn’t think it could get any better. Then I find out they are working with Dr. Miller and I was stoked to hear the news. Ive heard an assortment of the tracks through websites and such and I love the sound. Ive been a huge fan of Dr. Miller’s music and theories on music. These last two collaborations also show how great the musicians of the Heliocentrics are!

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