Announcing – Maker: Heavy Print

Maker dives deeper into the Now-Again catalog for another entry in Now-Again’s Music Library series, with samples ranging from deep funk to dark psych and with a range of rappers guesting, from Bishop Lamont to Guilty Simpson


Chicago-area beatsmith Maker’s two entries into Now-Again’s Music Library series showcase the verve with which this underground Chicago hip-hop producer undertook an exercise in boom-bap era aesthetics: he dug deep into the Now-Again catalog and found dusty drum breaks to underscore two bar loops. Maker Vs. Now-Again made the case that hip hop didn’t necessarily have to fly into a dub-step inflected future if it was still having fun in its funky past. Maker Vs. Now-Again V. 2 expanded beyond the American funk, soul and jazz that Now-Again was founded upon and included worldly grooves from far-flung locales like Nigeria, Brazil and Zambia flipped up by this hip hop classicist. And the came V.3, the best of both worlds, followed by Sight Unseen, the first Maker album for Now-Again with rappers.

Heavy Print follows in this lineage, as Maker works with a variety of rappers like Bishop Lamont, Wes Restless, Guilty Simpson and more. This is a digital release only and is the 12th album in the Now-Again Music Library Series. Previous entries have also included albums by Oh No and Cook Classics. Listen to “Keep It A Stack,” based on the Sharkmove’s “My Life,” below. Sharkmove first appeared on our Indonesian anthology Those Shocking Shaking Days with their “Evil War,” later sampled by Madlib and Freddie Gibbs for “City.”

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