Mike Nyoni & Born Free – My Own Thing

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LP Tracklist:

Side A
Born Free – I Don’t Know
Born Free – Come Back To Me
Born Free – My Dear Girl
Born Free – Messed Day
Born Free – Mad Man
Born Free – Mwana

Side B
Mike Nyoni – S.M.
Mike Nyoni – My Own Thing (Nyoni’s Thing)
Mike Nyoni – Coming Home
Mike Nyoni – It’s Only A Dream
Mike Nyoni – Soweto

Side C
Born Free – Funky
Born Free – Promotion
Born Free – E Zambia
Born Free – Namwali
Born Free – Mukaziwa Chingoni

Side D
Mike Nyoni – Kawalala
Mike Nyoni – Give Me A Chance
Mike Nyoni – Amida
Mike Nyoni – Highway
Mike Nyoni – Africa
Mike Nyoni – Chikwati Chata

Born Free – Mukaziwa Chingoi (Promotion)
Personnel: Mike Nyoni (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals); Joseph Musonda (Rhythm
Guitar, Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals); Peter Lungu (Drums).

Taken from the Mukaziwa Chingoi (Promotion) LP, originally released in 1975 on
Zambia Music Parlour, ZMPL11. Recorded at DB Studio, Lusaka, Zambia in
1975 by unknown engineer.

Produced by Born Free and Emmanuel Mulemena; directed by Edward
Khuzyawo; production arrangements by Billie David Nyati.

Mike Nyoni – Kawalala

Personnel: Mike Nyoni (Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Vocals); Lawrence
Chindefu (Bass Guitar); Tamrat Kebedle (Drums).

Taken from the Kawalala LP, originally released 1977 on Chris Editions, CL
003. Recorded at Sapra Studio, March 1977, by unknown engineer.

Produced by Mike Nyoni and Chris Siwila Ndhlovu.

Mike Nyoni – I Can’t Understand You

Personnel: Mike Nyoni (Lead Guitar, Lead Vocals); unknown remaining

Taken from the I Can’t Understand You LP, originally released circa 1978 on
Chris Editions, CL 012. Recorded at unknown studio, circa 1978 by George
Fombe. Later issued on Reprise France 99 015, in association with A.I.T
Records, Kenya.

Produced by Mike Nyoni and Chris Siwila Ndhlovu.

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt.
Restored and remastered by Jason Bitner at Traffic Entertainment Group,
Lacquered by Chris Potter at Electric Mastering, London.
Art Direction by Errol Richardson.
Licensed courtesy Magrete Nyoni.
Special thanks to Rikki Ililonga.

NA 5169

P/C Now-Again Records, 2018.