Announcing the Now-Again Music Library Series

Yes, you might have guessed based on our release of The Heliocentrics: we here at Now-Again are into Library Records. If you’re asking yourself: “Damn, will I be able to find a copy of the Detroit Sex Machines at my local library?” you’re on the wrong track. We’re into those records put out by music publishing houses such as KPM, Southern, Lupus, SR, Cam and more in the 1960s and 70s when musicians like Nino Nardini, Alan Hawkshaw, Stefano Torrossi and more received carte blanche to create whatever kind of music they liked and they succeeded in creating some of the most beautiful music we’ve ever heard (see Nardini’s Stringtronics, reissued officially by DJ Vadim).

Let’s forget the fact that 9 out of 10 records on an imprint like KPM are barely worth the vinyl that they were pressed on: anyone who owns a copy of The Big Beat Vol. One knows that many of the selections from The Mohawks’ legendary Champ album first saw release there.

We’ve started our own little Library Series, and ours has a nice twist we’re interested in supplying our producer friends with sample fodder in the form of the hundreds of songs from our catalog to see what they’ll create. First up, we tapped the talents of Oh No, one of our favorite producers. His promo-only CD is floating around in the field now, and, at some point in the future, we’ll probably release it as a limited-edition vinyl LP

Your boy Oh had this to say: “That was an adventure in some real dramatic funk. As I arranged and composed the different variations of the Now-Again catalog, I wanted to bring out the emotions in each instrumental, rangin’ from happiness, depression, confusion and anger.. Music to feel… Feel the music!!!!”

We couldn’t agree more.

Next up: Koushik. Other producers in line include Edan, Madlib, and a few other surprises who you might not associate with the Now-Again flavor but soon will.

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