Atomic Forest Unleashed – Madhukar Dhas Interviewed At The Quietus.

Now-Again | Mar. 13, 2012 | News |

Since the release of our Atomic Forest Obsession anthology, we’ve been lobbied questions from the world over: Did the band really rehearse in a brothel run by Keith Kanga’s grandmother? Are there any more live recordings from their earliest days? Did their two albums ever really see release back in the day?

We’re happy to say that one of our favorite UK music sites, The Quietus, took the time to interview Atomic Founder Madhukar Chandra Dhas and that Dhas expounded a bit on the genesis and trajectory of this confounding Indian psychedelic ensemble. Read more, including Madhu’s recollections of jamming with Led Zeppelin in Bombay during Atomic Forest’s heyday.

Read: Madhukar Dhas interviewed at The Quietus.
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