Ayalew Mesfin – Hasabe (My Worries)

Hasabe – My Worries
Unheard Ethio-Groove From Addis Ababa. 1972-1977.

LP Format:

Side A:
1. Hasabe (My Worries)
2.Nafkeshign neber (I Have Missed You)
3. Gedawo (The Hero)
4. Libe Menta Hone (My Divided Heart)
5. Rehab (My Hunger)
6. Ambassel (Ambasel)

Side B:
1. Ewedish Nebere (I Used To Love You)
2. Yesew Neger (Amazed By Humanity)
3. Zebeder (Mesmerizing)
4. Yetembelal Loga (Tall and Graceful)
5. Gud Aderegechign (Blindsided By Love)

Original sessions produced by Ayalew Mesfin, Amha Eshete and Ali Abdella Kaifa.

This anthology produced by Eothen Alapatt. Associate production by Cameron Schaefer.

Restored and remastered by Dave Cooley at Elysian Masters, Los Angeles. Record transfers by Mark Taylor.

Liner notes by Simeneh Gebremariam and Eothen Alapatt.

Art Direction by Errol Richardson.

Licensed courtesy Ayalew Mesfin. Special thanks to Hellen Asfaw Dubale and Danny Mekonnen.

LP, CD. 2018. NA5164.