Coming in 2013: Stephen David Heitkotter

Stephen David Heitkotter’s solitary album – a bedroom trip he recorded in Fresno, California in 1971 after the Vietnam war disbanded his Roadrunners garage rock band and which was pressed as a demo in a run of twenty five copies – is one of the rarest and most sought after artifacts of the 1970s. Above, you can see a picture of Stephen taken shortly before the recording of the album held by Egon and Stephen’s brother Bill (right), from whom we secured the rights to reissue this album.

Stephen’s story – mythologized versions of which have already made the internet rounds – is a sad one, but his music is primal, funky, fuzzy and, of course amazing. We’re hot on the heels of unreleased material from the sessions at Heitkotters’ East Kerckhoff address; our office is full of the paintings he created there between 1970 and 1972. When we do tie this one up, it’s going to be special. Pictured below – Egon purchasing an original copy of the album from Bill’s ex-wife, Madeline – whose brother had received the record from Stephen when he was twelve years old and had carried it with him as he crossed the world the past forty years. Special, indeed!

Photos by Andrew Gura.

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0 thoughts on “Coming in 2013: Stephen David Heitkotter

  • milliondollars says:

    wow! this is great! congrats on holding an original copy.

    is this release going to contain the material already reissued on Time-Lag or is it completely new stuff?

  • It will contain the album as reissued by Time Lag – we were lucky enough to be able to rip files from Geoffrey Weiss’ NM copy so it should sound as good as possible (given the low-fi nature of the record).

    And yeah – we’re on the case for the unreleased materials. We have yet to transfer the tapes, but we’re hopeful!

  • Vickie Luick Lani says:

    Hello, i was Steve’s biggest fan-groupie in the 60’s. I kept a diary of our friendship and all the gigs i went to a a love struck teen. He was my first crush. I became a drummer because of him and was the only girl drummer to make it to a Melco Dance. Steve offered me lessons. He also told me he wrote Pretty Me about me. I have wondered where he went all these years. Looked in phone books ever sense hoping to find him. I would give my left pinky to see him again. Love to have a copy of his music. Wonderful. Blessings to Steve and his fam. Vickie

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