Egon’s Funk Archaeology at RBMA: Digging Down Under

Linked below: Egon’s newest Funk Archaeology post at Red Bull Music Academy’s website, this time documenting another digging adventure – records found across Australia’s great expanse – alongside Madlib. Well, sort of, as you’ll discover if you read more.

The exclusive download this time around: a trio of songs referenced in the piece, all from Spectrum’s highly-recommended Aussie-prog masterpiece Milesago. If your ADD is getting the better of you, just skip to the three minute, twenty second mark and vibe out on “The Crab.” Many thanks to Lenny at Egg Records for the score!

The New Series: Digging Down Under – Egon’s Funk Archaeology at Red Bull Music Academy.
The Old Series: Egon’s Funk Archaeology at NPR.
Download: Spectrum “The Question/The Answer/Do The Crab.”