Video – Egon On Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers

Now-Again | Jun. 8, 2013 | News |

Egon profiled on Fuse TV’s Crate Diggers. Learn more about our the backstory to our forthcoming Heitkotter and Nigerian Fuzz Funk anthologies, the relation between the Detroit Sex Machines and J.Dilla and hear all about ex-spiritual jazz leaders currently imprisoned for visa scams executed during Hurricane Katrina’s aftermath. True stories from the field.

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  1. John osborne says:

    Loved this episode, Egon your stories are amazing you should publish a crate digger memoir or photologue.

  2. Undergroundhero says:

    Egon, I have a question for you……….

    When it comes to the Middle East, or even countries like India, Now-Again records has brought such artists as Koroush Yahgmei and Atomic Forest to the attention of many people who did not know of their existence previously.

    Now, my question to you is: Is there anything from out of Iraq that you know of that is of notoriety? Like for example, a specific band or artist, like Koroush Yahgmei, that in spite of oppression was able to put out at least one album or more on cassette & vinyl? I am curious to get your thoughts on this, mainly because I am not too sure if rock was as accepted in Iraq back in the 60’s-80’s like it was in the pre-revolution era if Iran. Also, I wonder if there was rock or any decent pop of any sort being created in Saudi Arabia. I know that this may seem a little far fetched to you Egon, but these are just things I have always been curious about since the compilation of Koroush Yahgmei has since came out.



  3. Now-Again says:

    From Iraq, I love Ilham Al Madfai – but I’ve only ever heard his music on cassettes. I’ve not seen any on 45 or LP!

  4. Chris Reid says:

    Is that Question Mark album going to be (or already) released by Now Again?

  5. Egon says:

    Hey Chris – we helped Shadoks reissue it on CD, and legitimized their (now OOP) LP reissue… but a song will be on our Nigerian Fuzz Funk anthology, which i hope we can get out in 2013!

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