Photos: Egon In Dust And Grooves

Now-Again | Nov. 8, 2012 | Photographs |

It should come as no surprise to the regular visitor to this site that photographer Eilon Paz’s Dust and Grooves project is one that sits close to our hearts. His photographs of record collectors in their personal spaces are amongst the best we’ve ever seen and his forthcoming book – which you can read more about on the Dust and Grooves website – is some of the most anticipated printed matter we at Now-Again have ever wished for.

Thus, when Paz came to L.A. this week and asked to shoot Egon at his Eagle Rock home, how could he say no? The photos, above and below, are from that shoot and will be part of the book, which features collectors and their collections from the world over.

More info: the Dust and Grooves website.

19 Responses to “Photos: Egon In Dust And Grooves”

  1. milliondollars says:

    nice shots!

    what’s the record between the Amanaz and Question Mark (first picture)?

  2. Egon says:

    That one was just reissued on Soundway. That should be enough of a hint for ya (and the Facebook contest is over – we had two near winners so I don’t feel bad giving up the goods).

  3. Pablo says:

    Hi Egon,
    What’s the Afrodisia 45 on the back?

  4. Mos Eisley says:

    That’s your kid Egon? Man, that kid is mad blessed to be able to be raised around all. that. music.

  5. Egon says:

    That 45 is one that’s going to appear on our forthcoming (I know we’ve been saying that forever) Nigerian anthology. It’s also on one of my NPR columns, if you want to hear it…

    And yeah, ME (nice name), Kieran was grooving out super early on. I think we’re the blessed ones!

  6. Pablo says:

    Hi Egon,
    Can’t find it on the NPR columns! Maybe it has been removed.
    Is it the Oriental Brothers-Taxi Drive 45?
    By the way, when is the Nigerian compilation due? any tracklist?
    Thanks Egon,

  7. Pablo says:

    Thanks Egon,
    Never heard of them before. Reminds me a bit of The Mebusas.
    I hope the Nigerian compilation comes soon. Any date now?
    Have a nice weekend,

  8. darren says:

    I fucking love now-again records!

  9. John says:

    When is the Nigerian compilation due?

  10. Egon says:

    If I’m lucky and our man Uchenna from Comb and Razor finally turns in his liners today, then this will be out in the first half o 2012….

  11. milo says:

    What’s lp on last photo?

  12. Pablo says:

    Good morninng Egon,
    Any news now regarding the Nigerian compilation?
    Have a nice weelend,

  13. Pau says:

    Good morninng Egon,
    Do we have a issue date now?

  14. Melanie says:

    HI there,
    When is the Nigerian compilation due?

  15. Pablo says:

    Good morning Egon,
    Do we have now a tracklist and a release date for the Nigerian anthology? Can’t wait.
    Thanks for your work,

  16. Olman says:

    Hi Egon,
    Any news regarding the Nigerian compilation?
    Take care,

  17. Rick says:

    Too bad Egon how you treat your customers….

  18. j waltzer says:

    Wow, I need the Formulars Dance Band track…when is this compilation coming out?

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