Photos: Egon on tour with Madlib, J.Rocc and Freddie Gibbs

Now-Again | Oct. 17, 2012 | Photographs |

It’s one of those things that rarely pops up here: Egon is often on the road with his partner Madlib; every once in a while the two DJ together. At those events – rare as they are – incredibly weird, and incredibly good, music is usually heard in ample supply. Especially when the best DJ in the world, J.Rocc, is with them. And even more so when a rapper as tough as Freddie Gibbs is on the bill.

As they return from their last gigs in Russia (as detailed here, at Madlib’s, we’ll post some pictures – starting from their gig with Free Your Funk at Paris’ La Trabendo this past Friday. All photos by Mr. Mass, whose work you’ve seen on this site before.

Next up – Egon’s tour with Madlib and J.Rocc in Australia. Four dates: Brisbane, Sydney, Perth and Melbourne.

2 Responses to “Photos: Egon on tour with Madlib, J.Rocc and Freddie Gibbs”

  1. Hillzy says:

    Perth show was incredible. Egon’s knowledge of rare beats is second to none. Inspired. Cheers for travelling so far fellas.

  2. Oleg O. says:

    Thank you guys for coming to Russia! The show was a true dopeness. I don’t mean i like that gangsta shit (FG), but i do love the music that Stonesthrow family played! Peace and respect!

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