Egon’s Funk Archaeology at RBMA: Unsung Funk (and Rock!) Hero Robert Rozelle

Linked below: Egon’s newest Funk Archaeology post at Red Bull Music Academy’s website, this time detailing the legacy of a true unsung musical hero, bassist Robert Rozelle. As you’ll read, Rozelle was not only the bassist for our very own Apple and the Three Oranges, but also for psych-rock ensemble Love and – if you believe our investigative work – Dyke and The Blazers, on tracks previously assumed to have been recorded by members of the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band.

The download this time around: Ed. “Apple” Nelson’s “I’ll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)”, Rozelle’s swan song and one of the most perfect soul songs of all time.

The New Series: Robert Rozelle – A True Unsung Musical Hero – Egon’s Funk Archaeology at Red Bull Music Academy.
The Old Series: Egon’s Funk Archaeology at NPR.
Download: Ed. Nelson “I’ll Give You A Ring (When I Come, If I Come)”

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