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Now-Again, in conjunction with Canadian producer Jason “Moss” Connoy and Indonesian rock legend Benny Soebarjda, will release an anthology that represents an extensive survey into the Indonesian psychedelic and progressive rock scene that flowered in Jakarta in the early 1970s. The release is planned for early 2010. Researcher Chandra Drews, an Indonesian-national who is assisting in assembling the liner notes for the compilation, recently interviewed Soebarjda in Holland. His story gives a brief glimpse into what is to come with this compilation:

“Hardly any bands ever come out of Indonesia having developed a cult following in the West. One notable exception would be 1970s progressive psychedelic rockers Sharkmove and its later incarnation as Giant Step who despite never having mainstream success in their country of origin are steadily gaining popularity amongst dusty fingered crate diggers worldwide. Sharkmove was established by guitarist/vocalist Benny Soebardja (who with his high-school band The Peels had modest success not only in Indonesia but also neighbouring Singapore and Malaysia), keyboardist Soman Loebis, drummer Sammy Zakaria, vocalist Bhagu Ramchand and bassist Janto Diablo as a means to pass idle time during their student years studying at Bandung’s Technical University (ITB). The five-piece played local underground venues for a few months before travelling to the capital Jakarta in 1973 to press a mere 1000 copies of their first and only album: the seven track Ghede Chokra’s Sharkmove (Ghede Chokra translates as ‘Great Session’ in Sanskrit) featuring amongst others the nine minute Prog Rock tour-de-force ‘My Life’, the more melodic drug awareness track ‘Madat’ and the politically charged Led Zeppelin inspired Fuzz Rock ‘Evil War’ (spouting anti-governmental lyrics was risqué to say the least in Suharto’s thirty year dictatorship of Indonesia, even when sung in English) without ever signing to a record label, thus being pioneers of fundamental independent record producing in Indonesia. Though never successful as recording artists in their homeland, they did strike a notable cult following in Jakarta and Bandung as a result of their regular gigs with Indonesia’s better-known rock bands God Bless and SAS in the capital. Sharkmove folded as soon as they started with Soebardja dissolving the group after the tragic and untimely death of Soman Loebis in a road accident in Jakarta. The band’s second coming as Giant Step was a much more fruitful one commercially with the band releasing a full seven studio albums to date and finally receiving some mainstream popularity in Indonesia in the eighties. Giant Step’s first two albums; Giant Step Mark One and Giant on The Move as with Ghede Chokra’s Sharkmove are also receiving plenty of attention from the vinyl heads notably for the tracks ‘Air Pollution’ and the heavily progressive ‘Waste Time’. Giant Step still play charity events and reunion tours across Indonesia’s major cities.”


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  2. Ted says:

    Sounds damn interesting..keep it up guys!

  3. Zack says:

    finally something like this…will it be on vinyl, cd or both?

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  5. Joe Foulds says:

    Hey there!
    My band recently recorded our own song!!!

    Please have a look, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! :)

  6. saser says:

    boss Jason “Moss” Connoy, please create another Indonesia LPs such as:

    – Compilation of Indonesia Best Songs
    – Compilation of best Kerontjong Songs
    – Compilation of best Music Group ( Koesplus, Broery, etc )
    – Compilation of best Children songs
    – Compilation of best for Indonesia teritory area songs.
    – etc..

    hatur nuhun..

  7. rokunco says:

    especially for jason connoy
    please promote indonesian great music talent in 70’s – 80’s era
    such as :
    guruh gipsy, fariz rm, etc


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