Forthcoming: Richard Marks

We’re excited to announce that we have – after nearly six years of persistent negotiations – inked a deal with the family of the late, great Georgia singer, songwriter and all around soul and funk legend Richard Marks and will issue a comprehensive anthology of his solo work in early 2014. More news to come in the future. In the meantime, check out the only verified picture of Marks circulating on the internet. Yes, that’s right: for some strange reason, that French issue of his “Funky Four Corners” that you bought because of the photo on the front? That’s some other random dude.

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One thought on “Forthcoming: Richard Marks

  • undergroundhero says:

    Hello Egon,

    Is there a possibility that the Nigerian band, “BLO”, and their album, “Chapter One”, could either be reissued by Now-Again, or Strawberry Rain?

    It would be nice to see BLO “Chapter One” reissued domestically in the U.S. on vinyl & cd, especially since the reissue on Shadoks is quite pricey.

    Let me know what you think about this……..


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