Egon’s Funk Archaeology at RBMA: Jingle Funk

Linked below: Egon’s newest Funk Archaeology post at Red Bull Music Academy’s website, this time digging into jingle funk – funk (and other) novelties issued with corporate backing.

The exclusive download this time around: HAIR composer Galt MacDermot’s Melba Moore-voiced promo for Contac Cold Pills. Hey – it is summer: if you catch that “hot summer cold” you might find yourself stumbling around the aisles of your local pharmacy with this tune ringing in your cranium. That was, after all, its design.

The New Series: Jingle Funk – Egon’s Funk Archaeology at Red Bull Music Academy.
The Old Series: Egon’s Funk Archaeology at NPR.
Download: Galt MacDermot w/ Melba Moore: “Cool It With Contac”

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