Karl Hector Newness! “Can’t Stand The Pressure” Album/Box Set and “Ka-Rica-Tar” EP

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Following their deft handling of musics from Eastern and Northern Africa alongside Western psychedelia, jazz and funk on the Unstraight Ahead album, Karl Hector & The Malcouns combine the previously available only on vinyl tracks from four EP’s – Tamanrasset, Ngugna Yeti Fofa, Coomassi and their latest, Ka Rica Tar – into an album as Krautrock as Afro Beat, as Multi-Culti-Psychedelic as Deep Funk.

Can’t Stand The Pressure is available as a CD that contains the entirety of Ka Rica Tar, and all of the other EP tracks that haven’t come out on CD. And if you missed those limited edition EP’s, don’t trip: we’re issuing a made-to-order set that will contain all four EP’s in their entirety, packaged in a hand silk-screened, chipboard sleeve.

Ka Rica Tar and the Can’t Stand The Pressure CD ship immediately.

Can’t Stand The Pressure 4LP set will be tallied in a month and put into production. Expect your set to ship early March 2016. Anyone who orders the box set will receive a download link for all 4 EP’s shortly after placing their order. We know you don’t want to wait for your funk.

4 Responses to “Karl Hector Newness! “Can’t Stand The Pressure” Album/Box Set and “Ka-Rica-Tar” EP”

  1. Thorsten Bednarz says:

    What is this? Didn’t you tell, thve bought them all, you’ll bring’em out again?! What does limited edition mean to you? So disgusting!

  2. Egon says:

    Hi Thorsten, we made 1000 of each of the EP’s. We are using our left over stock to make the 4 LP set for people who didn’t purchase them in the past. The 4 LP set is just that – a jacket, custom made, that contains all four pieces of wax that we never were able to sell. If you bought the original EP’s, then you have the original, hand screened Kevin Lyons jacket for each album- those are not included in this set.

    If you’ve bought all of the sets, we will give you a 4 LP jacket free of charge (this applies to anyone who’s bought them all): email me at egon@nowagainrecords.com if you’re interested.


  3. Thorsten Bednarz says:

    Thanks, Egon. I was upsed, but now it’s fine with me. Sorry, didn*t wanted to piss you off, but if you read carefully, the text above says something different than you wrote in your answer. As I know you and respect you and your work. I take your word for granted. Maybe telle hte guys, who write these announcements, to be abit more carefull.

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