Kashmere Stage Band Documentary – With KSB Alumni Performance – at LA Film Festival.

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Director Mark Landsman and Snoot Films’ Kashmere Stage Band documentary Thunder Soul is showing as part of the prestigious LA Film Festival at the Ford Ampitheater on Saturday June 26th at 8:30pm. The 1974 band – including powerhouse bassist Gerald Calhoun, drummer Craig Green and guitarist Earl Spiller, the band’s most funkiest rhythm section – will perform following the screening. This is NOT to be missed! Seriously. If you don’t live in the LA area, you should fly here… for real.

Get tickets here: LA Film Festival’s Kashmere Stage Band Page.

5 Responses to “Kashmere Stage Band Documentary – With KSB Alumni Performance – at LA Film Festival.”

  1. DJ M says:

    Any plans for a DVD version of this for those of us not lucky enough to live in a city where this is likely to screen? Pretty please?

  2. olaph says:


  3. reginald nelson says:

    This documentary should be mentioned on Oprah or the Tavis Smiley shows as this is one of the most inspirational artistic creations Ive ever seen. And its a true story about real people, their trials and victories. Oscar worthy.

  4. Sunntino Tarantino says:

    I’ve seen this docu-drama several times and everytime I view it, I realize how cool a man named Conrad O. Johnson means to young men and women. Prof truly was an innovator. I agree with Mr. Nelson, Oprah and her connections need to witness first hand how serious Snoot Entertainment magically place this man’s midas touch on film. If you have an interest in viewing this film Oprah darling, contact Keith or Jessica or Mark or JP with Snoot Entertainment. And yes, it is Oscar worthy. Great job Snoot!! :-)

  5. adrian -north texas says:

    Gerald Calhoun and Craig Green have been exceptional musicians all their lies. Kashmere Garden, Pleasantville, Fleming Middle School, and University of North Texas for Gerald in the 1’oclock lab band.

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